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Old Town, Prague (JAN 2014)
Romance on Charles Bridge, Prague (JAN 2014)
Kids in Prague (JAN 2014)
Old Town, Salzburg (OCT 2013)
Hitler's Eagle's Nest, Obersalzburg, Germany (OCT 2013)
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany (OCT 2013)
Dachau Concentration Camp, near Munich Germany (OCT 2013)
The Alps, Garmsich, Germany (OCT 2013)
A Bavarian Adventure-Rothenburg, Colmberg and Lichtenau (OCT 2013)
Fiesta American Grand Coral Beach, Cancun, Mexico (Part 2) (APRIL 2013)
Xel-Ha, Isla Mujeras & Tulum- Cancun, Mexico (Part 1) (APRIL 2013)
Berlin, Germany (AUG 2013)
Our Family at Tropical Island, Krausnick, Germany (AUG 2013)
Tropical Islands Scenery, Krausnick, Germany (AUG 2013)
Para-Droppers in Aviano, Italy (JUL 2013)
Prague, Part 2 (JAN 2012)
Prague, Part 1 (JAN 2012)
Anniversary in Garmisch, Germany (SEPT 2011)
Austrian Adventure (SEPT 2011)
Garmisch, Germany (SEPT 2011)
Welcome to the Jungle, Mallorca, Spain (AUG 2011)
Mallorca, Spain (AUG 2011)
Beach Baby, Mallorca, Spain (AUG 2011)
The Disney Castle, Neuschwanstein, Germany (JUL 2011)
Dachau Concentration Camp, Dachau, Germany (JUL 2011)
Le Mont St. Michele, France (JUNE 2011)
Bayeux, France (JUNE 2011)
Normandy, France (JUNE 2011)
Notre-Dame de Reims, France (JUNE 2011)
Orlando, FL