Monday, August 6, 2018

Hi! We are the Scheid family!

This post is for Rocky Road Doodles!!!! :)

Last wednesday we found out that out of quite a few contestants we were in the top 22 to win the sweetest golden doodle from Rocky Road Doodles! To say we are thrilled would be an under statement! Two days before we found out we were still in the running to win Michelle, the golden doodle, the kids made her the cutest dog house! They worked hard on it and they even came up with the name they want to name her if we get to bring her home!

The last part of the competition is submitting something so Rocky Road Doodles can get to know our family better! This weekend we worked on a video for them. Can I add a disclaimer? We started this video at 9 o'clock... an hour after the twins were supposed to be in bed! It was a busy weekend!

Also, here is a news clip from when our family had the surprise of our lives! Sam came home from Afghanistan early just in time to witness the birth of our third child, Harvey. It was special time for us and we'd love for you guys to see it!

Here is the high quality dog house Londyn, Trip and Harvey made for Michelle. (I promise she will actually not be kept in a cardboard box! haha!

Why are we the right family for Michelle? To keep it simple... she will be well cared for and loved so much! There will always be someone to love on and take care of her. We have 6 children that love to be outside and are out there any chance they get... whether to sled, play in the sprinklers or just run and play! She will have a well rounded and exciting life! We want our children to have a fun loving dog to grow up with and we know she will be perfect!

Once again.. THANK YOU to Rocky Road Doodles! We know we are the right home for your sweet Michelle!!! We hope to meet you guys soon! :)