Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chinook, CH-47, Family Photos by Nicole

These family photos are literally priceless to me! My friend and incredibly talented photographer offered and encouraged us to go out to the military base and take some photos. I was in the thick of sickness with my twin pregnancy and struggled so bad making it happen. So grateful for these photos, her friendship and talent.

Check out Nicole's photography's page here!

Photos taken in March 2017, if I am remembering that date right! haha!
My super hot husband :) CH-47 Chinook
He has about 1200 flight hours in these bad boys. 
The look, the sound and just being around these helicopters gives me all the feels.
Pretty proud of this man!

This shot, though?! Money

Sidenote: Our little Trip was at the tale end of recovery from having his adenoids and tonsils out. He had just lost a ton of weight and wasn't feeling his very best. Love these 4 munchkins to the moon. (& back, of course... and then times a million.)

My lover

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