Friday, March 17, 2017

Bode is 1!

2/19/17 -- 1 year old!

Alright let's talk about 4th kid problems. This poor guy kind of got the shaft on his first birthday. When I compare what we did for Londyn's first birthday and what we did(n't) do for Bode, I guess I feel a little bad. But, such is life. Fourth kid, pregnant with twins and SO sick is not a good combo for party throwing.

 We celebrated this sweet little grandpa baby and showed him how much we love him and that is what really counts. Half the family was sick on his actual birthday and so he had to wait a couple days for the infamous first birthday cake dig and boy did he not disappoint. I think he was our first baby who really, honestly dug in. He thoroughly enjoyed his homemade carrot cake. Had I not used store bought shredded carrots the cake would have been perfect! I don't have any photos of the actual event. #momfail BUT, I do have video and plan to someday put it to music. When that day comes I will be #winning!

Bode got a few special gifts... and only one from us. It was perfect. No one was overwhelmed. With our family circumstances at the moment that was important. The fewer toys the better if you ask Sam. I say the more toys the better! haha!
He was fantastic at ripping open the wrapping on his presents.

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