Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016. We had a little cow, a monster named Sully, an emoji and a little black kitty. We had a family Halloween dinner a few nights before Halloween, a trunk or treat and a successful trick or treating sesh. One day I might get more creative with costumes... but, then again maybe I won't! Love these little kiddos so much! 

Trip wore this same Sully costume for literally, I think, three Halloweens in a row. Harvey loved wearing it so much.
Trip is our very simple and easily pleased child. He loves to dress up but not in anything we want him to dress up in. When he found this "smiley face" costume it was game over. This was all he wanted to be. I was all about it.

Londyn picked out a beautiful Statue of Liberty costume. She wore it to her school party and then when I told her to go get her costume on for trick or treating she put this kitty costume on. Whatever makes her happy is good with me.
 I love these little baby Bode feet. All the boys have worn this costume for their first Halloweens. It's perfectly simple, warm and so darn cute. Bode made a sweet little tiny cow.

 One exhausted two year old after a little trick or treating stint.

 Trip could barely keep his eyes open after checking out his goods. 


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