Saturday, September 17, 2016

Londyn is 6!

8/24/16 -- Londyn is 6!

A sassy sweetheart. Londyn is energetic, she loves to talk and snuggle and she never, ever likes to be at odds with people she loves. When she gets frustrated or in trouble she says over and over again, "I need to tell you something!!!" I think she tries to buy herself time by saying it until she thinks of something to say. Only natural, I'm sure. She aims to please, can be overwhelmed fairly easily and just really likes to have fun and be goofy. There is never a dull  moment with this little chick around and I am so, so happy Sam and I were blessed with her as our first born. 

She got some really cute Peppa Pig toys!

As usual she got some great clothing items from Mimi! :)
We always choose to celebrate our special days with this cute family! :)
If it was up to Londyn she would have pumpkin pie for every special occasion. She got that from her Daddy.

Baby Bode!

Mandatory family selfie. I am always glad we make the effort to do it!

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