Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lifestyle Photos of Me!

Recently I organized a lifestyle shoot for the company I work for. I used my great friend Nicole who is a fabulous photographer and we found a few gals around here and had some fun getting pics. I had found a brunette model I was going to use and she bailed. Last minute I decided to get ready and be apart of it to be sure we got a good mix of faces. To say I was totally unprepared is an understatement! Literally I never do my hair and turns out I am terrible at it. As time progressed through the evening and I changed dresses my hair got SO frizzy. I didn't even think to comb it. Such a bad move. I mean I literally wear my hair extensions like once every three years. (Ah!) It was fun and it was cool to get the pics back, but I wish I had been smarter about it! :) I learned what to do if I ever need to do anything like it again in the future.
I took a few selfies with my camera thinking I could perhaps get a few where my hair wasn't a frizz ball, but that was kind of a bad idea too. :)
Camera Selfie again!

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