Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

Christmas 2014 was super special and unique for our family. We were planning on spending Christmas in Utah. I had already ordered "Santa" gifts for the kids and had done some Christmas shopping. I was ready!

Last minute, due to difficult circumstances, we decided to get our family to Germany so we could be together.We rushed a passport for little Harvey and we flew to Germany. We no longer have a house in Germany so we knew it was going to be difficult. We asked around and we were looking for a short term rental. We couldn't find an apartment which was our top choice. A hotel room for more than two months was just too expensive. We have incredible friends and it was made possible by many of them for us to be in Germany. We stayed in several homes while our friends traveled around. The home we stayed in the longest was empty because our friends were dealing with a deployment. He was in Afghanistan and his wife chose to go back to the states for a really long time to be with family for the Holidays. We stayed there for over a month. Our friends generosity was truly incredible. One family allowed us to stay in their home for two week while they traveled Italy... another while they went to Spain for a week. All of our friends generously offered for us to stay while they were still in their homes but we didn't want to be a burden. Packing and repacking and moving homes wasn't the easiest but well worth it. We made priceless family memories and spent quality time with some amazing friends. We visited LOTS of Christmas markets and really soaked in the Christmas Spirit in Germany... after all Germany does Christmas the best I've ever seen.

Here is a little video of our Christmas morning in Lichtenau, Germany. It was a magical morning. We put a Christmas tree up with no lights or ornaments on Christmas eve and left cookies and milk for Santa. Gifts were simple and small so we could travel back to the states with them. It really was perfect.