Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Harvey Hawke- One Day Old

I  have a post about Harvey's birth day almost ready, but for now I'll  share his one day old pictures.

Maternity Photos

I'm 33 weeks in these maternity photos. Of course, at the time, I thought sam would be missing the birth, so we were including him in some of the pics!

He's Home!

Okay, where do I begin? This is a big one. A day we will remember forever and ever. Most Army wives are not this lucky. I just knew I would never be this lucky. Shows how much I know. A few days prior to this day, my Dad came into my room and said, "Hey KSL wants to come cover our stocking project and they'd like to interview you." So, I agreed. After he left my room I kept thinking  to myself, "Why would KSL want to cover our stocking project??!?!" It didn't make any sense. You see, we were planning a service project. Money was donated and awesome things were bought and stockings were stuffed. We had our neighborhood sign letters to the soldiers and we had arranged to have a street party where the letters would be signed and people could have donuts and cider. It didn't seem like something a news crew would cover. I started to get more and more wigged out. I told my Dad that I would prefer they interview him. I mean I am 9 months pregnant and the size of a whale. I DO NOT need to be on the news!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

California Roadtrip (and a lil AZ too)

In June we took a road trip. Thankfully Sam bought me the sickest mini van ever cause it was a great car for the trip. My parents were so generous and invited us to stay in Carlsbad for their week long timeshare. It was something we did growing up. We love Carlsbad so much. The town is adorable with fun shops and restaurants. We had a gorgeous view of the beach.
We were able to see old friends and go to church in Poway as well. It was so good.

The BIG Goodbye

Nothing makes saying goodbye easy. No, not even this large pound of Sees Nuts and Chews that I bought myself. Sam had a month long training in Germany, in March. We went back and forth with plans and finally decided that the kids and I would head back to the states (where we would be living for the upcoming deployment). He would come out later to meet us. There we would have two weeks together and then say goodbye. He would leave for the 9 month deployment.