Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scheid Baby #3- Pregnancy Update!

It has been a while. I promised myself I would not let this blog get behind and here I've done it. We've been in survival mode. It all started when I got really sick with this pregnancy. We found out we were pregnant in January. Sam was busy getting ready for a deployment. He was gone here and there for short trainings and then for about a month long training. During that month long training I was in the REALLY sick stage. I was alone and all I did was stay a float. In March I took the kids to the states by myself and in April Sam met us in Utah. We were able to spend a couple of weeks together and then we said our goodbyes as he was heading off to Afghanistan. I got a little bit of energy and motivation and I ended up traveling back to Germany with the kiddos. I wanted to see him one last time and, honestly, I missed Germany! We got 5 or so extra days with Sam. It turned out our trip was meant to be- we found out we would be moving our household back to the states and regardless of when, I would've had to go back either way. So, I felt extremely blessed that we got there in time to see Sam off.