Saturday, February 1, 2014

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards (Free Printable!)

Is anyone else having a hard time believing it is already February? I know I am. Well, we all know what February means! Valentine's Day. The day we celebrate love. Love for our friends, love for our classmates, love for our teachers, love for our colleagues, siblings, significant others, children, etc. It is so exciting, right?!

This year I decided to have some fun making my own homemade Valentine's Day cards. I brainstormed a few cheesy tag lines and went for it. I had so much fun that I decided to share them with you. They are so simple. Near the end of the post you can download the blank cards in a PDF doc. Happy creating!

Anything with sparkle really gets me excited.
Since I have given up sugar I am ALWAYS trying to decrease my kid's sugar intake. I like the idea of handing out these cute cards with party blowers instead of candy! Plus they are so, so easy! I used three tiny dots of hot glue to keep them on the card. They would be easy to rip off and use!
I used tissue paper or plain ol' paper to make butterflies for the "You give me butterflies" card. One thing I love about these cards is depending on the age of the crafter you can keep them simple or go wild with them. Children could draw, paint or glue on them!
You can use any color paper, make them gender neutral, personalize them, etc. 
I used a Fiskars round corner punch to make the corners rounded. I love this punch. It was only 5 or 6 bucks and it works really well. If the corners aren't 90 degrees it won't come out perfectly!
I was surprised how many I made in such a short period of time. I couldn't even fit them all on my "hanger!"
I used glitter/sticker paper to make these hearts. I cut out the heart, peeled off the back and stuck it on the card. I found the paper at a scrapbook store.

NOTE: I changed the wording on the butterfly one to "You give me butterflies," instead of "You give me the butterflies."
 If you happen to be a mom like me, then you most likely understand what happened to my house when I decided to get crafty and watch a chick flick. It was, and still is a complete disaster!!!
Play dough snowmen with marker faces. Londyn had SO much fun drawing on her play dough today.

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