Monday, January 6, 2014

Sam Turned Super Old on Christmas Eve!!

What can I say about Christmas Eve in our house?! It is a busy day. Sam was born on the 24th. Meaning, since I have married him I have made a huge effort to really focus on him for the day! Growing up I think he felt like his birthday got looked over. (Which would be really easy to do because Christmas Eve is such a fun, exciting part of Christmas!) So, we decided the first half of the day is his birthday, and the second half is Christmas Eve!!

 We had some of our friends over to eat lunch, cake and LOTS of other goodies.
 Sam requested funfetti cupcakes and boxed brownies. (Two things he loves!) He did say later that night that he thinks those things were better when he was a kid!

 Sam's mom sent a picture prop kit from Paper Source. I figured we might as well use them on his birthday! It was pretty fun to get a few pictures. (Maybe only for me!)
 The props would be so easy to make! Construction paper, glue, tape and some sticks of some sort… skewers would work but you may have a few injuries with the pointy sticks! :)
 We have some really awesome friends here. We consider ourselves extremely LUCKY!
 ...Like these people are so cool that I would pick to hang out with them no matter where we lived- not just because we live in the smallest community ever here in Germany! (Well maybe not ever, but it is very small!)
 We invited our friends to come for lunch... well we had so much fun that at 5:15PM, they were just leaving and we were headed out the door (and late) for our Christmas Eve dinner date with some of our amazing German friends.

 (The repetition of these photos might only be fun for those in the pictures!)
I totally meant to take family pictures for everyone at Sam's bash (including ours)… but I forgot!
 I wish you could have seen our friend's home. It was so decked. It was so beautiful! It was so perfect.
We enjoyed lentil soup, bratwurst, potato salad, flavored lemonades, and exotic fruits and chocolate… a traditional Eastern German meal. We loved singing with them and hearing a story told for generations in their family. They were too good to us that night. We are grateful for their friendship!

Christmas eve was complete after Santa came to visit. Sam and I sat and chatted until 1:30AM! It was so fun to just sit and hang out. It was the perfect ending to a perfect birthday and Christmas Eve.

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