Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kids in Prague

Of all the sites and sounds in Prague (and there were many) my very favorite may have been these kids. People may say (and they aren't fibbing) that traveling is harder with kids. But, it also makes it so much fun! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like going out without kids. It is refreshing and rejuvenating. But, I love the dynamic they add to the craziness of travel.

I have so many incredible photos from our visit to Prague last weekend but I wanted to start out with my favorites of Londyn and Trip and their little besties.
Night 1: These 4 munchkins wore matchy matchy jams. I have a serious thing for matching PJs. I may have bought every size of these Christmas jammies from Gap. (I may have done the same thing with some Halloween ones.) All of these jammies just jumped into my suitcase. They wanted to be included in the party in Prague. I mean, who wouldn't?
 Having two 3 year olds, one 2 year olds and one 1 year old does make for some crazy times. But, seriously, they were all so good!
 They wanted to be together ALL the time. I caught them holding hands at different times. It really is quite cute. I feel so lucky we have friends this awesome here in Germany. On night 3 these four wore the Halloween matching jammies. Something about matching got them so hyper and so happy! 4 giddy kids. My favorite.
 Guys with kids. Isn't that a TV show or something?

 Londyn and Trip were pretty stoked about the store opening/rolling up their "blinds!"

 We were lucky enough to be a 5 or so minute walk away from Charles Bridge. We stayed right in Old Town Prague. It was pretty neat.
 He was pouting on the Charles Bridge. I don't think he knows how good he has it! :)
 Let me tell you how much fun it was to have some subjects other then our own kids to photograph.

 Incase you were wondering, it is completely normal to lay down and take a rest on Charles Bridge.. in Old Town.. in Prague. Being one year old is awesome.
 Enjoying a staroceske trdlo. They are sweet rolls and you can buy them on every corner. A few members in our crew could not stop eating them. (I won't name names!)

 So fun to see our little 3 year olds sitting in their own seats on the train/tram. Londyn doesn't seem so little these days.

 Sam and I have been discussing Trip's chunkiness lately. He goes through phases where he is thicker, then he has growth spurts and thins out again. They are very obvious in his face! I was cracking up over these photos I got of him running around.
There is nothing I love more than spending time with these three. Adventures are always so much better with them. And how cute is my husband with my purse? Love him.

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  1. Ahh. This made me smile. Thanks for taking great pictures! You got some really cute ones!