Monday, January 13, 2014

An Ordinary Day

So often I feel that if I am going to blog, it must be about something special. It must be an event, vacation or Holiday. In fact I always have so much I want to share that even right this minute I am "behind." But right now I just want to share an ordinary day. There was nothing "special" about this day.

I did, however, want to make it special. I wanted to take Londyn and Trip out and just be with them. They had earned a reward, which was a trip to the bakery so I wanted to make an outing out of it.

We bought the donuts and headed out to this cool place we had seen on the side of the road. We had always wanted to check it out. I brought a cake platter and served them their donuts on a platter, on a stump, in the middle of a huge field, in bavaria, in Germany, in this wonderful, beautiful world.

And then the day became very special.

After spending some time at the cool spot on the side of the road, we got cold so we headed out and stopped at an area that looked like it might be a bit warmer. It was sunny and beautiful.
And I do mean beautiful!

Londyn and Trip played in piles of dirt and got really muddy. I snagged them for a pic and when I looked back at the pics I was shocked to see how miserable they looked! Their expressions were frozen on their faces and they were bright red! I made this photo black and white to try and make it look better. Poor little things! When we got home they immediately took off all of their muddy clothes and spent over two hours in the warm bath! (And yes, they refused to wear their coats!)

So many times it is the ordinary moments that provide me with the most incredible memories! Life is filled with them. I try to live life for each day, not waiting until tomorrow when things might be better for various reasons. Maybe tomorrow I won't have as much laundry to do, or I will be able to relax more cause the house will be cleaner. (Oh wait, the house is never clean!!) I try to soak in the precious moments I have with my perfect little children because somehow they keep getting bigger and bigger. Somehow they are getting more and more independent and one day they will be old enough to leave.