Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013- The Scheid Family's Year in Review

I can't believe another year has flown by and another glorious year has begun. I always get a little contemplative as one year ends and another begins. I love life and I love all the adventures both good and sometimes hard that it offers. I seem to be a lucky girl and I am looking forward to another year filled with, well, craziness! 

For any family members and friends that read this post-- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being in my life and getting me all emotional as I review the year and daydream about what is in store for us in 2014. Life would not be the same without all of you.. no matter how small or large the part you play in my life is. Have a blessed and happy new year! Enjoy our 2013 year in review.

We said a lot of goodbyes to friends and family in Utah where the kids and I spent 10 months. My mom helped get us back to Germany. Thank goodness for her help, I am not sure what I would have done without her.
We welcomed Sam home from Afghanistan where he experienced some hard months and scary times. We missed him dearly. That night was a night I will never forget.
 April/Easter Day
Easter was a momentous occasion in the Scheid household. Londyn offered up a bowl full of binkies to the Easter bunny. She was hoping for something awesome in return. Easter morning she checked the balcony and discovered her binks were taken and in return the bunny left her a purple bike with streamers. She still doesn't know how to ride the bike.
Sam and I left the kids with my parents and escaped to paradise. We still dream about that week in Cancun. If there is one thing we are sure of, it's that we WILL be going back there again… without the kids. Anyone want to babysit?!
We spent a week in California with some of our favorites! We stayed with my sister and her husband and we got to meet up with Sam's little sister a couple of times. Two days at Disneyland and lots of fun in the sun.
We were able to spend time with my little brother in April and May and then we said goodbye and headed back to Germany. He left in July to serve a two year mission for our church! We're so proud!
We were able to be with family as my little sister prepared to marry her adorable husband, Jake.
We spent time with Sam's side of family
 This year brought a lovely new baby to the family. My little sister and her husband had their first in February. My other little sister married Jake, who I have loved since I met him!
May 2013
A crazy, wild, we-thought-we-were-never-going-to-travel-again road trip to Vicenza and Venice, Italy. Here we are on the train.
 June 15, 2013
First BIG, HUGE, major hair cut!
A beautiful day in Nurnberg where we saw some major historical sites.
We had a summer full of bunnies. Lots and lots of baby bunnies. There were fun for a while...
We did some special pictures for Daddy's Father's day gift. This was not one of the pics, but taken on the same day!
 We spent some beautiful days at the German public pools. They do an amazing job with their pools and they are everywhere!
 The highlight of my year was watching our two precious children grow. They both changed dramatically from the beginning of 2013 to the end. Being a mother is one of my greatest blessings and this year was a precious one as I witnessed incredible changes in their lives. It is hard to believe that I will never get back these perfect moments. I am comforted knowing the precious moments will continue to come, but I get a little sad when I think of them growing up and leaving me!!
Sam left us for a while and went to Italy to do some paradrops. He and his buddies got incredible photos. Such great photos that I felt I was there!
 Jul 5th
We brought home our first official family pet. Our awesome fish, Gaga!
 We soaked up minutes, hours, days and months with our Dad/Husband! We can't get enough of him and are sad to think he will be leaving us again in a few short months. Another highlight of 2013 is Londyn giving up diapers right before her third birthday!!
 How I love this guy.
Londyn turned 3!
We spent some time in Berlin. I really, really loved Berlin!
We took a crazy adventure to the largest free standing dome (in the world, I think) full of water and sand. A tropical island getaway in the middle of nowhere… in Germany.
Londyn and Trip are soaking up the unique experience of living above a beer garden. We all are.
My parents came to visit and we explored southern Bavaria and Salzburg, Austria. Such a TREAT having them.
Unfortunate circumstances brought Sam and most of his siblings together. His grandmother Scheid passed away. He was able to travel back to the states and see some of my family and lots of his family.
 Munich in November. We visited the aquarium, the zoo and we went to a really exciting basketball game- Malaga vs. Munich! We stayed at the Sheraton downtown.
 The week before little Trip's b-day we learned that, although I was pregnant, the pregnancy wasn't viable. A few days before his birthday, I had a D&C. His birthday was simple, yet honestly perfect. He was so happy and felt so loved and that is what is most important on a birthday! 
 We are grateful we have some family nearby. We are able to see Sam's Dad, John, and his wife Charlotte here and there. This particular night we got together right before Christmas and exchanged gifts.
 Sam turned really old this year on Christmas eve. (31) We had some really fun friends over. We are so grateful for the people we hang out with here. Christmas eve and Sam's birthday were both a success and neither compromised the other.
Christmas Eve night was spent with this incredible family. They fed us a traditional German dinner, we sang a song, read a story, checked for Santa off their balcony and came in to find Santa had found us. They gave gifts to each one of us and then we were able to sit and chat, eat chocolate and fruit and enjoy the dim, candle lit and Christmas tree filled room. We both know it will be one of the most memorable Christmas eves of our entire lives. 
 Christmas day was perfect in every way. How can it not be with a 2 and 3 year old and a husband home!? We would have like to be closer to more family but we had a memorable and really special Christmas season here in Germany. We were even able to video chat with my little brother was spent Christmas away from family!
Lastly, last night… NYE was perfect. Like so much fun. We spent the evening just us four… oh and with our 4 crazy kiddos. We finally got the last tired child to bed (Trip) after ten and then we partied. We even got to go down to the beer garden, watch fireworks, shake lots of hands with the Germans, dance and eat Irene's food. Too bad we weren't hungrier… or more coherent. I mean, we are 4 sleep deprived parents, so staying up that late is practically like getting drunk, right?!

 2013 was filled with amazing memories. I feel so blessed and I am looking forward to all that the already crazy 2014 has to offer.

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