Friday, October 4, 2013

"Witching" you a Happy October!

Starting in September, the German "Blumen" Gardens have had seasonal squashes... most importantly PUMPKINS! They have these gardens ALL over. You can pick flowers or purchase things they grew in their gardens/farms. They leave a big "kasse" (cash) box and you leave money for the things you take. I have gotten two HUGE zucchinis and Lonydn and Sam picked a giant white flower one time. We have also started small and gotten some mini pumpkins and squashes. 

We have already been frequenting these places for fun AND because I (of course) had to take photos of the kids (and Sam)! Trip was asleep in the car for this fun photo session. Londyn had a ball all by herself. She rearranged the pumpkins and drove the tractor "all over!"

 Her adorable witch costume, which would also look very nice as a wizard (my friend pointed out to me), was made by her Grandma Elma. She made it for last year's Halloween but this year it fits just right.

 We are soaking up every ounce of fall we can. It is a beautiful, gorgeous time of year with so many wonderful tastes, smells and fun traditions. I am grateful for a time of year so lovely and heart-warming.

 I may be biased but I obviously think she is the cutest darn witch I have ever seen.

I had a deadline for these photos. (A self-inflicted deadline.) I did them early because I wanted to get a few Halloween cards ordered and sent. I am a huge shutterfly fan! I use them for everything. After I ordered the cards a thing popped up and said, feature your card on your blog or website and earn $10 off an order. So, you better believe I am doing it. This was one of two cards I put together. The other featured the whole family.. specifically our two cute bumble bees! :)
5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

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