Monday, October 21, 2013

Bumble Bee Besties

I have been missing from this blog for the past week and a half or so but I have a really good excuse. My amazing parents came all the way from the good ol' USA and stayed with us for a week. Sam took time off and we had some adventures. I dropped my parents off at the train station this morning and absolutely hated watching them walk away. Then this morning I walked into "their" room and it made me pretty sad. There is a terribly empty feeling here without them. I know I just need to look at the bright side of things. It was HUGE that they even came at all, even if it was for one, very short week. It was a packed week full of beautiful sights, gorgeous weather and most importantly- the best people! 

I am now catching up on laundry and getting the house clean, sort of. Yesterday, Sam found out that his grandmother passed away. He had a bit of a rough day and was pretty sad to hear the news. She was a wonderful lady and she always remembered the kids birthdays and thought of us around the Holidays. Sam (and most likely me and the kids) will be heading to the states in a day or two. It's not an easy journey so I am now hurriedly trying to make sure we are ready.

These are photos from another Blumen Garden here in Germany. The morning I took these photos was just the right amount of crisp, the sun had just barely come up and it was the very first time I took the kids to the pumpkin patch. They were so excited! I took these back in September and I am now trying to figure out how October is almost over?!
 These days I think it is getting harder and harder to get good pictures of these guys. Me calling out to them to smile just doesn't do it for them. But, I still adore these photos and we made a really fun memory going out the garden that morning.

I love these photos for so many reasons. I obviously love my little bumble bees so much. I also LOVE the scenery. It is so beautiful here in Germany and I often get sad thinking about leaving this place. I am always trying to capture beautiful scenes so we will have A LOT to look back on.

Trip insisted on wearing Lonydn's purple hammy down boots. They really aren't even cute when they are on her… but they are even worse when they are on him. But he LOVES THEM SO MUCH! Sam cringes every time he puts them on!

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