Thursday, September 12, 2013

Xel-Ha, Isla Mujeras & Tulum- Cancun, Mexico (Part 1)

Last Christmas, in 2012, Sam was away. It ended up being a tough day for me. But, Christmas morning I was able to talk to him (as he was going to bed in Afghanistan) and he told me of a surprise. Now, this was a surprise that he had done a lot of work on. He would think of this surprise often and it would help get him through his days because he new soon enough he would be spending a week in paradise, alone with… Mwaaaaah. 

He had arranged for my parents to watch the kids for a week, he had me guessing every time we talked as to where we were going on this surprise retreat.

Christmas morning he told me. We were going to Cancun for a full week… ALONE!!! 

So, we had a few months to get excited about this vacation in April 2013. Now, I haven't blogged about it yet.. obviously. But, yesterday as we both spent another wedding anniversary alone I was reminiscing about this magical vacay. I decided it was only fair to share it with you. Because, should you ever have an opportunity… you must go!!

One highlight was Xel-Ha (pronounced Shel-Ha). This was an all inclusive outdoor, nature-y, recreation park. They had snorkeling, tubing, swimming, relaxing, scuba-diving, dolphin encounters.. stuff like that. They also had bars everywhere. You could walk up and order whatever you wanted. For us it was virgin pinas! Yum! They even had restaurants all over. You could walk right in, be seated and just gorge yourself. And, gorge ourselves we did. We took a bus from our resort to this little magical place and spent half a day here. They had areas full of hammocks where you could just relax and the scenery was just beautiful. We took a trail and went on a nature walk and ended up all alone on a beach. We sat in the sand and talked until we weren't even sure of the time and then headed back to get more food and more pinas!
I loved seeing the dolphins so close and I can't even begin to explain (that is why I posted pictures) how gorgeous this place was.

One of my favorite parts was this incredible bathroom. I mean, seriously?! It was open to the outdoors. Look at that! Isn't it awesome!? Maybe if we lived in a tropical rainforest we could have a room in our house just open to the air and beauty of nature. We could soak up the sounds of the outdoors and instead of staring at ourselves in the mirror we'd be enjoy a bit of nature's therapy.

Isla Mujeras was another fun day trip. We took a ferry over to the Island, rented a golf cart and enjoyed some new scenery. The Island is only about 4 miles long so we drove all the way around the whole thing. There are about 12,000 people living on the island. The Island used to be sacred to the Mayan Goddess of childbirth and medicine. When the Spanish took over they named it Isla Mujeras because there were statues of Goddesses all over. We enjoyed yummy food and seeing places that looked like some of the areas of Mexico Sam was in for his 2 year church mission.

Anxiously awaiting our food. I was obviously famished! 

Tulum! We went to some ancient Mayan ruins. There are a few areas where you can check these out. The Yucatan peninsula has a few great options, and if I am not mistaken, most of them. We chose to go to Tulum because we didn't actually want to stay an entire day at the ruins and this was the only half day trip offered. I am glad we didn't do a full day because I would've been ready to go back to the pool or beach! :) But, they are a must see! This village is situated on a 39 foot cliff overlooking the water and it was expected to be home to 1,000 to 1,600 people. It was at it's height between the 13th and 15th centuries. Very cool. So much history to learn from these ancient ruins.


  1. amazing!! that water is insaaaaane. love the guys are too beautiful!

  2. Cancun is one of my favorite places to visit. I travel every year to the same resort called Sunset Royal Beach. It has amazing service and is affordable! Xel-ha is great too!

  3. Hey nice blog! We were just in the Cancun area last February. We rented a car for a week and had a blast. Xel-ha was definitely one of the highlights although I have to say snorkeling off the shores of Cozumel was our favorite.