Tuesday, September 3, 2013

She turned 2 in 2012

I know, I know. I will make this quick. I decided to do a post on Londyn's second birthday. It was sweet and simple. Since Sam was in Afghanistan I didn't feel motivated to do a big party. We spent the day with family in Utah and my little sister and Mom pulled through and gave her a little mini bash. My sister did the balloons, cake, everything… it was at her house in Provo.

Londyn still plays with and loves the Mermaid her Aunt Jade and Uncle Josh gave her and she still wears the pants my little brother gave her… and a lot of the clothes my parents gave her that day. Amazing how some of it lasts. 

I'm grateful someone picked up the pieces for me and made her a cake. Thanks, Jourdan! :)

Trip, not quite one here. He still loves watermelon! 
Daddy sent her this pink radio flyer. We had to leave it in Utah at Mimi and Poppy's house and she still talks about it. In fact she thinks they will be bringing it with them on the plane when they come visit in October. I keep trying to explain to her she won't have her pink bike for quite sometime. Luckily though, this year, the Easter bunny brought her a purple bike with training wheels.
I surprised Londyn with her new trike and at the same time had my camera out to take pictures of her in her traditional birthday outfit. At one point, as I was leaning over her, the camera swung from my neck and slammed her between the eyes. It hurt her pretty bad. I felt horrible. I had to edit out some of the red marks and the clear, runny nose from her crying. Because of that, we didn't get the most amazing pictures in the world! :( I still feel bad when I think of that incident.

You can see how she looks extra puffy in this one. :( Still our little beauty, though.

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  1. So cute. Fun to look back of our kiddos a year prior. They seem so much younger. What a difference a year makes!