Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boys Rule! (free printable)

Boys rule. But, seriously, don't they? If you have ever held a baby boy, rough and tumbled with a toddler boy, had a crush on boy, married a boy… or I am sure if you ARE a boy… you agree!! :)

A couple of weeks ago at Londyn's little birthday party I snapped a few photos of my friends darling, baby boy. He was only one month old in these photos. He was laying in a camping chair and just looked so peaceful and so alert. He has the cutest cheeks and the most adorable blue eyes! He is going to be a heart-melter like his older brother (he's three).

I have been in absolute heaven as I have been able to experience being a mother to a little boy. It is so different then being a mother to a little girl. Both are equally amazing. My relationship with Trip is so special and I am thrilled beyond belief that I have a little guy in my life. BOYS!!!
Because I did a free printable a few weeks back inspired by my friend's baby girl, I decided to do some for boys! 

These prints were inspired by an invitation my older sister had me design for her boys birthday bash. I thought they were so cool and the invitations turned out great. She came up with the design. She's pretty awesome. It wasn't much more work to add some prints for the girls- so here they are!

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