Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach, Cancun, Mexico (Part 2)

Let's just say that part 2 of our Cancun adventure is the better part! Not because our site seeing wasn't incredible. We loved every second of the whole trip. BUT, because I am focusing on the resort we stayed at in this post. 

Fiesta American Grand Coral Beach.

A mouth full? Yes! But, worth having to repeat it all week. (For transportation, when you meet cool new friends, etc.) Go to Cancun and stay in this resort. It is a bit pricey but if you are going to do it… go big! (That's what we say around these parts.) This was the most incredible hotel I have ever stayed in. The food. Ohhh… the food. I can't hardly begin to explain HOW AMAZING the food was. If you love Mexican food. They have some of the best…maybe the very best I  have ever had. The breakfast buffet, the dinner buffet, the restaurants- all incredible! This hotel is located at the very tip of the Yucatan peninsula. It shares the tip with a couple of other resorts. It was within walking distance of some other restaurants and some shopping. 

Take a look at some of our pictures and if you are looking to plan your dream vacay you may want to look into this resort.

This photo was taken at a restaurant away from the hotel. He's my hunny. How I love that man.

 The rest of these photos are taken at the resort. I didn't post anything from the inside. It was gorgeous too. The most fastidiously kept hotel I have ever stayed at. Hands down.

 One of the restaurants was in a HUGE, covered, outdoor palapa. It was RIGHT on the water and made for some seriously enjoyable dining. We ate there once at night and once for lunch.

 The food was perfectly presented and tasted alright too.. okay it tasted better than alright. It was divine.
 Our last morning there we took a long swim. I couldn't get enough. I snorkeled all over and searched for shells.
"A beach is a beach only to those who do not know the ocean. To those familiar with the sea, the beach is the storyteller of its surroundings."
(Ain't Life a Beach, Linda Andrade Wheeler, Ed. D.)

 Is this place dreamy or what?
 There is Sam. This was our last time walking back to our room. We were headed to the air port that morning. Tear.
"They call the present a gift because in it you can experience the joy of today."
(Ain't Life a Beach, Linda Andrade Wheeler, Ed. D.)

 The remaining photos are taken from our balcony. We had the most incredible suite, balcony, bed, bathroom. Everything about it was perfect… but let's be honest nothing topped the view. Hands down the very best part of our room! 

Side note: If we are talking frankly, this vacation was a splurge. But, Sam had been away for ten months, though,  so we definitely deserved it… if I do say so myself! :) 

 We took advantage of this swim up bar and enjoyed pina coladas there. We also had pinas about 5 other times.. just on the beach and in our lounge chairs by the pool. 

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