Thursday, March 15, 2012

Praha, Part 2

Another amazing trip for the books. We enjoyed every minute of our weekend in Prague! Londyn and Trip were such good babies. Londyn enjoyed the hotel and Trip just hung out with me and nursed every three hours! This is a view of the Prague Palace and the St. Vitus Cathedral!

 2 1/2 years of marriage... 2 babies already and we're still in love! 
 Londyn and Sam... twinner expressions... this happens all the time!

 a view of my toilet... I mean spacious balcony

 Our room

playing with our super zoom lens in the car
The Hotel Praha

 Family pics on the balcony of our hotel room!

 I love these two!

 Driving around Prague I was in awe of everything we saw!

  St. Vitus Cathedral (the 3 tall spears in the back). They started building it in 1344. This is also the Prague Palace!

 Prague Castle... biggest ancient castle in the world! 

  Charles Bridge
Totally gorgeous! The construction of this bridge started in 1357

more of the super zoom

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