Thursday, March 15, 2012

Praha, Part 1

Back in January we went to Prague (Praha).. it was absolutely beautiful and quickly became one of my favorite cities. It made me much more interested in the cities history. I once read a book about a woman who grew up in the Czech Republic so I knew a bit about how hard the life was for the people. This city is intimidating, breath taking and has a lot to offer... including some sneaky/shady police. 
 Early morning view from our balcony.

Random shots while driving.

The view from our balcony. We stayed in a four star hotel called Hotel Praha. It is one of the cities landmarks (or so it says)... It was in an older, more established part of town right near all the embassy's for various countries. We were happy with it!

The reason (which I should not admit) why we have so many pictures of the view at so many different times of the day is because the balcony served as my water closet during the night. There was a large hallway in our room that closed off from the main room. That hallway became Londyn's room and she slept much better in her own little area. But, that hallway also had doors to the bathrooms. So... I peed in a very large pot with a half dead tree in it. So, be warned: you never know what has gone on in the planter boxes and pots you see around. I brought the camera out with me when I peed because it was soo beautiful! 
Restaurant at the hotel.
The view out of the other side of the hotel (opposite of our room).
Londyn an Sam at breakfast/Londyn and Sam at church. We snuck in for English sunday school and then snuck out again.
Beautiful AND intimidating.. right?!
I promise she actually loved the trip... maybe just not the picture.
Sam doing the walk of shame (coming back from the ATM with Czeck cash) after his FIRST traffic ticket. 
We got pulled over and ticketed TWICE. Both times the police asked Sam right off the bat if he had money. Both times he had to walk to a bank to get cash out and pay the cops. Both times I am quite sure we weren't doing anything wrong! After one of the situations we asked the cop for directions to the zoo. The cop didn't speak well enough english to tell us so he escorted us ALL the way there. (It was about a 15 minute drive!)

We absolutely adored the animals at the Zoo. Londyn loves tigers so we went specifically to see the tiger. Luckily we got a couple glimpses of him. 

Love these two. Londyn and Sam were attached at the hip during the trip.

We really enjoyed the polar bears. They were so cute and we could see them so well! 

Back at the ranch... the two boys snoozing. I took so many pictures that I decided I had to do two posts! 
More to come in our next Prague post!

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