Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tulle, Roses and Ballet Slippers

I took these pictures about a month ago now. I love them! She is getting harder and harder to take pictures of. She never wants to look and never wants to give me her real, genuine smiles. She just wants to play! But, I love these because I feel like I was able to get some other fun sides of her.. some more of her personality… her fake cries. She does these quite often now.
 This is her favorite position to sit in. She sits in it ALL the time. Sam always tries to sit that way and he can't quite do it. It takes some flexibility.

 I love her sparkly eyes and (when it's genuine) a sweet, pretty smile. 
 I don't usually like to mess with the colors of Londyn's photos... cause her eyes are so pretty and there is no point in ruining their color. But, every once in a while, it's fun! 

 Her cute worried look. She looks so old in this picture. 
 Love this girl
Love these little slippers and my precious baby.

Londyn (now, at 17 1/2 months old) says yellow, blue, apple, toast, toes, booby (haha), baby, thank you, no, helicopter, bug, bath, moon, and even gabba gabba (for Yo Gabba Gabba) and I am sure many more I can't remember. She says a lot of basics like mama, dadda, thank you, bye-bye, ball, etc. She has words for her blanket and binky. Her "blanker" sounds like bee-boo. She knows all the body parts... she even knows lots of them in Japanese. She likes to "count." She loves to read. She moos when she see a cow, barks when she hears or sees a dog and so on. She seems so smart to me, it's incredible. She catches on to things so quickly. She knows a whole lot, but doesn't verbalize it all yet. Sometimes me and Sam just feel like she needs to TALK ALREADY!!! She still sleeps usually at least 12 hours a night. She naps usually once a day, and sometimes twice. She loves to accessorize. She wears flowers, headbands and especially hats. She will wear hats all day if she can. She also loves her shoes. She will bring her shoes to us all the time so we will put them on her. She loves to be tickled and tickle, she loves getting secrets from Dad and she is much more cuddly and needy these days. (We like it.) She gets slap-happy when she's tired and that's my favorite. She laughs so hard. She has hiding places all over the house for cards, bracelets, her credit cards.. you name it and I find it stuffed in weird places. I found a CD shoved between the cabinet and the dishwasher. She absolutely loves, loves loves her brother. When he is taking a nap she will stand at the door and knock, saying, "baby, baby!" If she hears him cry she gets her very concerned look and points and runs to him. She snuggles him, she kisses him, she pats his head. EVERY single time, without fail, I go to get her out of the car she points to him and wants to make sure we aren't going to leave him in the car. She is such a concerned and loving big sister. He will look up at her and smile so big... even if she isn't paying attention to him.

She is 22 lbs. and a couple months ago she was 31 inches (I think). 

Londyn is our sweetheart doll even though she is getting MUCH sassier and much better at throwing fits. She will literally melt to the floor the moment something small goes wrong. It is hilarious! It reminds me of how I remember feeling when I was younger.. if it was time for bed or I was in trouble... I was such a mess I literally couldn't handle myself. I was frustrated beyond belief. Anyways enough of an update on Londyn. the end.

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  1. I'm jealous of all her hair. Camille still has the same hair she did when she was 6 months old!