Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Trip @ 6 weeks

This little guy has grown sooo much since these pics that it almost seems weird to post them... but oh well! He is about 6 weeks in these. I think right around this time is when he started smiling on cue when we would talk to him and smile at him. My favorite is when you can absolutely tell it is not a reflex smile. So fun! He is still pretty tiny in these pics. At his 2 month appointment which was actually about a week late he was 12 lbs. 12 oz and 24 inches. He was in about the 71st percentile for height and 59th for weight. If I am remembering right. 

 I love this one! Sam called him fat back when I took these... Well you should see him now! :) He really isn't fat, he's just a baby and he is growing so much faster than Londyn ever did. At her 2 month she was 
9 lbs-something. She was above the 100th percentile in height and like the 20th percentile of weight. So, this little dude is something new for us. 
 I tried to be creative and cool with the Christmas light but these pics aren't very cool! They probably look more like a dangerous hazard for the newborn.
 He sure enjoyed looking at them though!

You may wonder why I didn't get any of Londyn and Trip the day I took all these. Londyn is sooo stubborn. She will not take pictures with Trip. I think she is getting a little better, but she simply will not pose with him for the camera. So frustrating!

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