Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bathing Beauty, Part 2

Alright here's the other bath that we got some great pictures of her. There's something about the water and her clear pretty skin (wish I had that), her big blue eyes and of course her precious little smile that I love during bath time. Sam gave her this bath, and when I went in to check on them he was in there with her. They had so much fun. Sam in his trunks and Londyn getting teased and sprayed by Daddy the whole time. Sam said pictures of him were off limits, but I still snuck a few.

 Oops, sam got a little too much water in her face on this one. 
 I love Daddy/Daughter kisses. 

 Courtni.. if you are reading this (or anyone else who knows my nephew) doesn't she look like Jett in this pic? Her little smile? There's something about it.

 I love clean babies covered in suds. Even better is a clean, lotioned and smelling yummy in their PJs baby. I just want to eat Londyn and Trip when they are in that state. 
Londyn just today said a new word that I hadn't heard before. Now, I can't remember it. But, since my last post she now says, beep, block, stomp-stomp, please, yeah.. and I really wish I could remember the new word. I was so excited about it too. One thing she's been saying for a while is "wahoo!" Anytime she does anything good... like get the right shape in the hole, she says "wahoo!" and smiles really big. She has been saying "yucka," for a long time as well. Recently I realized her word for dog sounds Like Digga. She is growing so much bigger, even more strong-willed and fun. We love her tons! 

***A few minutes after I posted this I was playing with Londyn on the floor and she started saying, "Rock a bye, Rock a bye, baby." So there it is... the new word (words) she says. She's probably been saying it for a while. It just became more clear today! 

A note on Trip. He laughs really hard when Sam plays "patty cake" with him. He smiles ALL the time. The biggest news of all is yesterday when I went to get him out of his car seat he leaned forward and helped pull himself up. I was totally impressed. Today he turns three months! We can't believe how big and happy he is. He is such a special blessing in our family. 

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  1. YES! Total cousin resemblance. So funny. THESE pics are AMAZING. So cute. Love that little tinsy tongue. Adorable. XOXOXO