Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bathing Beauty, Part 2

Alright here's the other bath that we got some great pictures of her. There's something about the water and her clear pretty skin (wish I had that), her big blue eyes and of course her precious little smile that I love during bath time. Sam gave her this bath, and when I went in to check on them he was in there with her. They had so much fun. Sam in his trunks and Londyn getting teased and sprayed by Daddy the whole time. Sam said pictures of him were off limits, but I still snuck a few.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Trip @ 6 weeks

This little guy has grown sooo much since these pics that it almost seems weird to post them... but oh well! He is about 6 weeks in these. I think right around this time is when he started smiling on cue when we would talk to him and smile at him. My favorite is when you can absolutely tell it is not a reflex smile. So fun! He is still pretty tiny in these pics. At his 2 month appointment which was actually about a week late he was 12 lbs. 12 oz and 24 inches. He was in about the 71st percentile for height and 59th for weight. If I am remembering right. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going Private... Again.

I have had the following post in my drafts for  few weeks now. Like I said, I hate to go private for the ease of viewing for people like Grandparents and Parents. But, yesterday it was the last straw. A friend of mine had her blog hacked and now I am for sure going private. I feel like it is my responsibility to keep my family safe and if that means from weirdo hackers and stalkers... so be it. (Sam thinks I am a little crazy... he said.. "What have you been reading?") So, enjoy the public blog for a few short days.

My Old (wasn't-sure-if-i-was-going-to-post) Post.

I know I have been quite up and down about the "private blog" thing. But, I have decided to (again) make this blog private. For those of you that had invites and permission to read the blog when it was previously private, your invites will still be good. If you need an invite, please let me know.

As many of you know, we are getting ready to send off our "soldier." Sam will be heading out for quite a while. It has been weighing on our minds and we are doing lots of things to get ready for the (wayyy too long) separation. The next few months will be fun and sad and hard and quite a new experience for us. In order to keep our lives a bit more private and to look out for Sam's safety as well as our own, I am trying to make a few changes to the blog and to my facebook page as well.

My biggest problem with going private in the past is the people this blog is really for (parents, grandparents, family and close friends) sometimes don't have gmail accounts and so it seems to be harder for them to access it. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your understanding! xo
-your flippy, floppy blogging friend

Tulle, Roses and Ballet Slippers

I took these pictures about a month ago now. I love them! She is getting harder and harder to take pictures of. She never wants to look and never wants to give me her real, genuine smiles. She just wants to play! But, I love these because I feel like I was able to get some other fun sides of her.. some more of her personality…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A German Christmas

It was absolutely amazing to spend Christmas... in Germany.. in our cozy little cabin house with my 3 darlings.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, only 40 days late

My dear, sweet, amazing husband had a birthday on December 24th. It was a great day. It always is... Celebrating Sam's life and the birth of our Savior in one day! 

I have had a hold up on the blogging. Turns out I had reached my max capacity for pictures. So, I had a dilemma. I purchased some additional storage. I figure it is good back up, because if we ever lose everything... at least I will have some our favorite pics backed up through google. And, well, if google goes, were probably all going.

Back to the birthday.