Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathing Beauty, Part 1

I know this might sound dramatic, but the day I took these pictures and this bath session with Londyn will easily be one of my best memories forever and ever. This bath time was on December 6th. Trip was about two weeks old, Sam was in Italy and my Mom was in town helping. The first month with two children was an adjustment. I wanted to give more of my time to Londyn then I could. Trip was the priority since I am the one nursing him. Everyone else got to take care of Londyn. It seemed like I didn't get to get her out of bed/naps very often or even feed her her meals. In fact, most the time I felt like I didn't even know when or what she last ate. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

My boys

I know I am still totally behind on all our blog posts. But, I will slowly dig myself out of my blogging hole. I have so many posts I want to do... like Christmas and our recent trip to Prague, but first things first. 
Here are a few pictures I took of Sam and Trip. I love these because they captured exactly what I wanted them to capture. Trip is one week old in these pictures and I think these pictures will help us remember how tiny he was. We don't have pictures like this of Londyn, so I wanted to be sure we didn't miss them with him.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... Oh My!

Can we say I am behind?! 
Excuses: I have a newborn. I am now a mother of two. It's been the Holidays. I live in Germany, which basically means I am an alien. I am tired? I don't sleep so much anymore. I have had company for nearly 2 months straight. Sam has been gone for nearly 20 days in the last month and a half. Well... I think that is all for now.