Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Anni to Us in Garmsich, Germany!

For our 2nd anniversary Sam booked us a couple of nights at Edelweiss Resort in Garmish (Germany). He totally surprised me. I thought we were going to go somewhere just for the day, but he had packed our suitcase, Londyn's suitcase, the pack n play, diapers... you name it and we were ready for a weekend away. I was especially surprised since we had been camping at the same place the weekend before. Turns out he even had this weekend booked before we ever went camping.

 Londyn was familiar with the rides at the hotel since she had just been on all of them. She would reach out to ride them everytime we walked by the game area. She even learned to press the start button on her own.
View from the front of the resort. You can see the para-glider way up high.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Her first time destroying a roll of toilet paper.

 They say there is a first for everything. Well, hopefully not everything... but maybe being woken up by cowbells on a Saturday morning? I seriously thought there was a herd walking outside our window... through the streets. But, there were just a few cows grazing in this field. We walked by them later that day and it sounded like a symphony of cow bells. I loved it! Grazing cows aren't a bad alarm clock at all.
 I also loved the constant stream of paragliders coming down from the alps. It is so fun to watch them float down. We even saw some doing amazing tricks. One guy was turning circles all the way down. Looked fun and wild!

 Sam surprised me once again with an outing! We took a gondola/tram almost all the way to the top of the Alps! It was so beautiful! I got feeling a little shaky in the tiny car, hanging from a wire, zipping all the way up the mountain. We were hundreds of feet above the ground over massive pine trees (the biggest I've ever seen) and it was super cool, but a little scary.
Once we got to the top of Alpspitze Mountain we were able to walk out on these look out points called Alpsix. They were a decent 6,725 feet high... suspended over nothing!
 Londyn was taking a nap in her stroller but finally woke up right as we were on the highest look out point.
You can see me and Londyn down there on the 2nd lookout point. I had to hold the railing as I walked out. It was a weird feeling. Sam, was making fun of me, but then I saw a couple of people that were so shaky, they turned around and couldn't make it to the end. So, I didn't feel so bad.
There's me and Londyn again. She woke up just in time!
Londyn hanging out on the slanted glass overlooking thousands of feet. I was so nervous to even put her down, but thought it would make a cool pic!

A breathaking view. I couldn't believe we were just right up there in the middle of Alps just hanging out.... stroller and all!
We even got to see some crazy paragliders taking off. This one was a girl and she seemed so brave. I don't think I could jump off the side of the Alps. Esepcially knowing I had almost 7,000 feet until I got down. There were so many jagged rocks and cliffs, and pine trees that were at least a couple hundred feet tall. I would most likely get caught at the top of one of those.
We ate a restaurant conveniently located at the top of the Alps. We had German "comfort" food. It was fabulous food and we even found the best bread we've had yet here in Germany. We had potato soup with sausage and some sort of tender roast type of dish with spaetzle (a special German noodle/dumpling type of thing).
The hustle and bustle of the restaurant up top.
Londyn loves crusty German bread. She gnawed on this thing the whole way down. 
We took a gondola down to a certain point, then went on a 30 minute walk down the mountain to a second gondola which took us to the bottom.
The walk had nice big trails. We were so lucky to find an adventure like this where we could bring Londyn and the stroller!

Not all the pictures I wanted on here loaded, but because this dumb blog post has now taken me nearly 24 hours to complete, I am totally over those pics!! We had an amazing weekend. We enjoyed the resort, our big spacious room, a prenatal massage, American food, lots of buffets and nice restaurants and just some good relaxation time as a little family. It was an anniversary celebration to remember. One with our one year old baby (who slept in the pack n play in the bathroom... luckily there were two bathrooms in our room), a large pregnant wife and just the sweetest husband around. Happy 2 year anni to us and thanks to Sam for making it so special!

p.s. We didn't hit traffic, take weird routes and get lost, or even have any pee accidents in the car this trip. I think we were pretty successful!

 I updated this post with some extra scenery shots! Being in this town surrounded by nature in this way is such a treat. So, if you want scroll down and see even more, feel free!
 Enjoying the sunshine outside of our hotel. This is the Edelweiss Resort. It is on an army base right at the base of the Alps. Prime real estate, right there.
 The tram up to Alpspitze is the one on the right!
Walking from our hotel to the tram.
Biking throughout the Alpine meadows… what a treat.
Heading up on the tram and looking back at everything below us.
Para-gliders everywhere.
Right near the restaurant at the top of Alpspitze.
Checking the crazy view.
 I don't know who built these structures, or how they did it, but I would not have wanted to be involved  in that project.

 A little on how they built it. I am still baffled.

Thanks again to this guy, my amazing husband, for a thoughtfully planned anniversary weekend!

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  1. We stayed in Garmish when we were there a long time ago and took the gondola too! I need to come visit! You look like you're having so much fun! I'm jealous!