Saturday, September 10, 2011

Camping in Garmisch, Germany

Last weekend we had another four day weekend and so we decided we should do a little something. Especially since I was missing my little sister's wedding. Crazy, I know! We had to do something to get my mind off of the fact that the whole family was together, Jourdan and Josh were getting sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and they were going to throw a "Hawkes Party" for the reception.... and no one wants to miss one of those. 

So, we headed south to Garmisch, Germany, which is RIGHT at the base of the Alps, 10 minutes from Austria and honestly one of the most beautiful places I have seen. It was Labor Day and we went tent camping on an Army Post that has a beautiful and actually really nice resort. I am not sure how the Army secured real estate like that. We went with a few families from church, we cooked over the outdoor grill, made smores, watched fireworks, went swimming, etc. etc. It was an amazing weekend. 

Londyn riding her first merry go round
 They had a Labor Day celebration which included this traditional Bavarian show. It was such a hoot. I was dying...
 Look at this hilarious women doing her spin moves. The men did this slap dance thing, which was actually really cool to watch. The women spun round and round and sort of looked like they were going to pass out the whole time. Then they did a combined partner gig and started all over again. It was fun! 
 We rented pedal boats and went on this amazing lake. It was so beautiful! 

 We got a little bit adventurous and hung out on a little island for a bit. Don't mind the large pregnant whale. No one should let me out in that suit!
 Our handsome pedal-man. I tried to help, but I don't think I did much good.
 Our friends, the Petersons, who camped the whole weekend with us. They were great camping buddies. We had two of their kiddos on our boat with us. 

 Yep, that's our beautiful baby sitting in the middle of Eibsee Lake with the Alps behind her. Unbelievable. 
 Loves to share her binker

 Our new amazing, 8 man tent. We're kind of in love with it! 12 feet by 12 feet. 
 The man behind the grill all weekend. The burgers he cooked were better than the restaurants. Mmmm!
This picture captured her enthusiasm for the tent PERFECTLY! She loved it. As soon as she got in there, she would crawl and laugh and play. She'd go up and over the air mattress, pull everything out of the suitcases and search for all her "binkers" and "blankers." The 8 man tent was a good purchase.

Our road trip home is it's very own blog post, because it turned into such a disaster!

I started this blog post a while ago and now, ironically, I am sitting in our hotel room, back in Garmisch at the Edelweiss resort. Sam surprised me for our anniversary. How great is he?


  1. love it!! looks like you guys made some good memories:)

  2. He's SO GREAT! Love this catch-up. Londyn is killing all of us! J says "Londyn is so cute! Way cuter than L." He's her biggest fan hahha. Miss you guys so much! Just sent you a box today and sent it at a different post office in case they know a little more aboutr sending boxes to the scheids!!!