Saturday, September 10, 2011

Austrian Adventure

Last Monday (Labor Day) when we drove home from Garmisch, we ended up having quite the adventure. We turned on the GPS and it showed 8 or 9 accidents on our route home, so we decided to take the alternate route which showed just a few minutes longer. We thought we were being really smart. 

 We ended up in Austria, we had to buy a pass for our car so we didn't end up with an expensive ticket and then we ended up in a "Stou." For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a traffic jam. And they are all over, all the time. This particular stou was supposed to take 17 hours to clear up-- according to our GPS. After being stopped with no movement at all we decided to turn around, and head the opposite way.
 I got out of the car to take a couple of pictures, because this was my first time in Austria... and it was GORGEOUS. It was rainy and hazy, so the pictures don't show it, but I was overwhelmed. 
 I peed in Austria in the trees and I found an Austrian snail! :)
 We saw lots of goats and there were some really cute babies, so I got out to take a pic. They were all spread out across this field, and when I showed up at the fence.... 

 they all walked right up to me. Within 1 minute they were all within petting reach. I was so excited and I reached out to pet them, when Sam rolled down the window and told me donkeys were dangerous. I was a couple inches away from this little guys face. 
We got stuck behind a carriage... because that happens in Austria. And two hours later, we were back where we started... in Garmisch. Unbelievable. With patience like mine, I was feeling devastated... we could have been almost home by now. We headed out on our original route.

We pulled up at a "rest stop." A rest stop with no bathrooms. Londyn got her diaper changed, Sam got to  pee in the bushes, and while he was doing that, I decided to pee in a diaper. Just so you all know-- Baby diapers don't hold big person pee. I learned the hard way. I was trying to "cut the stream," when Sam showed back up at the car, and I lost all control. I was laughing so hard that it all just came pouring out. I ended up in a puddle in our leather seats. But, thanks to mine and Sam's cat like reflexes, we had a towel blotting the puddle and the seat cleaned up in a jif. Half an our later, (I am in Sam's clothes cause mine are soaked), and we stop at a real rest stop so I can go AGAIN. While I was in there, Sam was bored and trying to cut the air freshener that was attached to the bottom of the seat. He sliced his finger pretty deep. Londyn was fussy, I was swearing that I would never be pregnant again... and Sam is speeding so fast because he wanted to get the piece of work prego home. We hit two more stous and ended up in the car for about 6 hours, when it should've taken 3. 

Happy lil fam.


  1. Ahahahaha you had me laughing with your peeing! You just need to keep some Depends in the trunk!

  2. what an adventure! yes, i've had accidents in diapers too. silly bodily functions. those diapers just don't hold crap, ha. j always says - mom just pee in a bottle like me...

    i wish. i really wish.