Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Things

Isn't it the simple things in life that seem to make us the most happy?! I have found that there are so many little tiny, simple pleasures that make me so happy. I always smile inside knowing that it's such tiny things that I get the biggest kicks out of. 

Here are some of the lyrics of a song I love by Amy Kuney, called "Simple Things."

"Simple Things. We take pleasure in the simple things. We take pride in little victories and we wear our simple crowns. Oh, tugs of war, battleships and thunder storms and naked is our uniform. It's our simple hand me down. 
It's a beautiful morning, beautiful morning! Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow. Lets' be courageous and face tiny dangers, let's climb those fences with signs that say don't. 

Find simple pleasure wherever we go
It's the simple things that make us feel at home."

I decided to share with you some of the simple things that I love. 
 If any of you moms don't have this.. Get some! Aquaphor has saved my sensitive tummy skin numerous times. I always get rashes from bath gels and lotions when I am pregnant. Aquaphor heals the red bumpy skin faster than anything else. It also heals anything weird on Londyn's face ASAP.
 Appreciate war movies? I love this flick that is about Vietnam. This movie is family focused and God respecting and does a wonderful job of portraying the war in Vietnam. It is rated R for some language and simply because it is war. War is violent. 
 When I got to Germany, I ran out of makeup and didn't know what to get. I ended up deciding to go with Covergirl Clean from the military "Wal Mart." I used to wear this makeup in middle school and i LOVE the way it smells. Plus it is cheap. Bonus. Each of our moves so far have caused me to have to readjust some of the items I use. I don't want to be high maintenance on certain things, so I like to find stuff that is close and easy to access. 
 Back to the easy access. About the only decent shampoo I can find on the Army base is Herbal Essences. But can I tell you I am in love with this flavor? Hello, summer smells and yumminess. You should totally try it! 
 Ever seen "A Christmas Story?" She looks just like little Ralphie in this pic. If only her eyes were open. This picture really made us laugh.
 If you don't like Adam Sandler you may not love this flick. However, I love Adam and Jen and I loved this movie. 
I LOVE nerds. Best thing is laying in bed next to my husband and pouring large amounts of nerds into my mouth. They have the best flavor and I love the texture and crunch in my teeth. Londyn has also become a lover of nerds. I will give her little handfuls and she will pick up the tiny nerds one at a time and put them in different bowls... and of course her mouth. 
If you haven't tried these Glade candles, try them! They make the house smell so yummy. They burn really clean and don't have tons of black smoke when you blow them out. Creamy Custard and Blushing Apple is an amazing scent. I have gone through like four since we moved here. They burn for 22 hours which isn't bad for a small candle. I am dying to light these other two that I just bought yesterday.
Anything lavender, more specifically lavender vanilla usually gets me. I have been buying the lavender vanilla febreze forever now and I am still obsessed. 

Hopefully we can take time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the simple pleasures we have to enjoy. Especially finding the joy in the special moments with our families. I have a unique life, but for me every minute I get to spend with Sam is so special. Because he will have to leave for such long periods of time for his job I can't ever seem to get enough of him. It gives me a different perspective. The fact that he will be leaving for around a year in just 9 short months seems to always be on my mind. I don't even want him to leave for work. He's just so amazing to have around. 

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