Sunday, July 24, 2011

Normandy, France

Next stop on our France road trip was Normandy. We were able to see a lot of history and see where D-Day took place. We visited just shortly after the anniversary of D-Day, which was June 6, 1944. Being on the beaches of Normandy and being able to visit the memorial and cemetery was a humbling experience. 

The U.S. sent a total of about 73,000 men to attack the beaches of Normandy on D-Day covering two of the five sectors of beaches that covered 50 miles of the coast. 6600 Americans lost their lives on just that one day. But a total of 10,000 with our British and Canadian Allies. 

During the Battle of Normandy total casualties hit about 425,000 (Including German troops, Americans and our Allies). 125,000 of those being American. Pretty sad the amount of life lost to just one battle of World War 2. I am grateful there are people willing to risk their lives for the freedoms of others. 

 Omaha, if we were to pan to the left you would see Utah beach
 Omaha beach was where the majority of the Americans landed on D-day. About 50,000. 
 The beach was expansive with chilling wind, hills, trees, cliffs and lots of hiding places for the waiting attackers. Because we visited so close to the anniversary we got a good feel for what the weather would have been like the day of the attack. 

 It was beautiful
 Cemetery for the Americans killed on D-day
 memorial, the grounds were exquisite 

 a map explaining the attacks on the different beaches
 One of the many museums around the Normandy area
Scheid brothers (Sam, Jarran and Jared) with dad in front of a tank that was used in World War 2

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