Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Headbands with Real hair & Londyn's 1st Ponytail!

Londyn's first pony! 7.12.11

A couple of weeks ago I started putting headbands in Londyn's hair so she would get used to them and not pull them out every time I put one in. She did really well for 20 or 30 minutes and then she pulled it off her head... at least she thought she got it off her head. 
 Here she is. Her hair has gotten so long and it looks so cute with a headband in it now!
 I couldn't stop laughing at this little goof ball because she thought she had gotten it off her head. I took a picture from every angle. 

 She thought it was funny for a while too...
 Until she got bored... I think she was confused...
 Wondering why I was taking sooo many pictures (21 to be exact) from all sides. 

I realize this is a boring post for most (so many pictures of the same thing)... but it's for people like Londyn's grandparents... and sam, and of course me. Cause I can't get enough of these silly little pics of my princess.

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