Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have I mentioned?

...We're pregnant? Most of you already know, but my friends and family have been asking for pictures of the bump. I wasn't planning on doing bump pictures since this is our second, but I figure since people are asking... and since we live in Germany, I might as well.

Here is our story thus far for little nugget #2
I didn't love being on birth control and so we decided to go off and just see what happened. Somehow it quickly turned into "trying" for a baby. We bought an ovulation kit. On March 18th we got our positive ovulation test. I was so nervous and excited... it sort of felt like our wedding night. haha. I greeted Sam when he woke up that morning with a liter of Dr. Pepper (it helps the sperm swim faster). He drank nearly the entire liter (Surprised were not pregnant with twins)!

7 days later, on March 25th, we were driving to Orlando and I was POSITIVE I felt the fertilized egg implant. I felt little sharp pains and I was getting more excited!

We got our positive pregnancy test and we were both giddy! Pregnant the first month we tried. I guess were fertile. Maybe a little too fertile. It's great for now, but what happens when we are finished with having kids? I don't want to get fixed. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.
The family came into town to visit for Sam's graduation and we told Sam's mom, my parents and my brother and sister all together. Sam's mom was the first one to notice Londyn's homemade onsie that said big sister. She was in shock and just kept laughing. Pretty soon everyone wondered what was going on. They started to catch on and both mothers were in tears. Of course!
6.29.11--16.5 weeks
Day of my first Doctor's appt. here in Germany. It went well, we couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl cause it's legs were scrunched to the max, knees locked. I'm hoping next time.

7.7.11--17 weeks 5 days

The request for baby bump pics inspired my photos with Londyn in the last post. I figured I might as well document this time while Londyn is at this age AND before I get to be the size of whale shaped school bus.

Baby is due on or around 12.10.11 We are looking forward to a cozy German Christmas with our little family of four (And anyone that wants to come visit)!


  1. I didn't know but I started wondering when someone on facebook told you they hoped you were feeling well!!! Congrats I'm so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations!!! Your story sound like ours! haha! I hated being on birth control and we were talking about when to try for our second. Well, I knew that I did not want to have another while out for the summer. We had a couple months to try and then would have to have a gap to ensure that no babies were born during the summer sales season. We were just seeing what happened and got pregnant the first month too! I was a little shocked but we are so excited. I'm due 1/6. How far apart or Londyn and this little one going to be? Sorry for the novel here! Looks like life is good and we are happy for you guys!

  3. oh my gosh!! i had no idea you were pregnant!! congrats!!!! and you are still so tiny. you house looks cute by the way. can't wait to find out if baby is boy or girl!

  4. i'm so excited for you!! i had no idea you were pregnant! your little fam is so cute i cant wait to see what youre having!!