Monday, July 25, 2011

Father's Day with a little Le Mont St. Michele, France

On Father's Day, June 16th, we were able to have quite the French adventure. The last stop on our journey before we headed home the following morning was to Le Mont St Michele, which was about an hour and a half from our hotel. By the way, we stayed in a little family run hotel. They looked like little French cottages and the grounds were honestly sooo beautiful! I couldn't believe we were actually staying there when we pulled up. They had a little restaurant where they offered breakfast and lunch and one morning we had the breakfast. It was so wonderful, cheeses, breads, fruit, cereal, milk, juices, boiled eggs, teas and pretty classical music in the background. I felt so sophisticated.  
 Londyn and Dad first thing in the morning. Daddy's reading his first official father's day card. 
 Le Mont St Michele
This incredible, crazy structure's beginnings were built as early as the 6th century. Over hundreds of years it is what it is today. It is technically an island and actually has a population of around 41. The streets are almost chaotic lined with shops and restaurants because of how many tourists come there. There are hundreds, probably thousands of stairs leading up to the top. In it's early existence it was a centre of pilgrimage. In it's history it was even used as a prison for high value political prisoners. Now it just makes lots of money as a tourist attraction. 
 Sharing a Father's Day cookie

 at the top, right outside the abbey

A cool sign on one of the shops 
 You can kind of get an idea how narrow it is inside and how neat all the little shops are.
totally beat, no naps today 
 On the way home to our hotel, we ran into some cows in the road. The owners were herding them back into the pasture, we got a kick out of them. I missed the good pictures, but at one point we had one cow literally right next to our car.
Ending the day with a little cuddle time and her nighttime bottle
Sam is truly an incredible father to our little Londyn. I have never seen him get frustrated with her. He is always willing to jump up and help. Even this morning, he wanted to change her diaper and feed her her morning bottle even though it was going to make him a few minutes late to work. He said he wanted to feed her because he just loves it so much. He didn't act rushed, and he even took the time to get some boogies out of her nose! Londyn is one lucky little rascal. 
I couldn't do this post without posting a couple pictures of me and my AMAZING dad! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a dad as great as mine. He is the best freaking dad in the world. I was sad not to be with him on Father's day. He has always been so patient with me, he has always been there ready to help and jump through any hoops to get me what I need. Whether is was back to utah for another semester, getting me gas if I ran out, filling my tires with air, making me waffles or pancakes for breakfast, sunday pot roasts for dinner (with his AMAZING gravy... the best I've ever had), flying out when I had my first baby (he was so tired he could barely stay awake), staying right by my side during the entire 111 miles of riding bikes in the Tour de Tucson, being worthy to baptize me when I was 8, being there with me in the temple when I got married... you name it and he has done it! Thanks to my amazing Father, I love you.
Here we are sharing our father-daughter dance at our wedding. This was sooo emotional for me. I knew it would be, but I didn't know just how much I would cry. It's a happy day to be married, but a sad day to know you will be moving away from a dad as sweet as mine, and parents as perfect mine. I love my Mom ad Dad!!!

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