Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Home Alabama!

Recently, of course, we moved from our very first home together. Where we spent the first year and a half of our marriage and where our precious little Londyn was born and spent the first 7 1/2 months of her life. Fort Rucker was a fairly stressful place for Sam but I would say on a whole it was a great place to be. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live. It was a mellow lifestyle, not a lot of shopping (good for the bank account), not a lot of good restaurants (good for our butts) and for the most part just warm weather. Besides the busy parts of flight school we had plenty of time to spend together... not to mention, I knew he wouldn't be taking off for Afghanistan any time soon.

Our last month was very busy and packed full of to-do's! But we managed to really enjoy the end... even amidst the move.

We had Sam's mom for 8 days! She got to spend lots of time with Londyn and she was a joy to have around.

We got to go on some nice walks and runs around our favorite places. There are so many great lakes and parks where we lived. I'll miss them!
Londyn and Daddy and some good hang out time with the stresses of flight school out of the way.
The boys had some manly bonding time out at the flight line.

Uncle Grant came to get a tan!

Aunt Mouse came to play!
We took the crew to a Waffle House because they couldn't leave the South without experiencing the fine dining experience. They also had some good barbecue, lots of fried food and boiled peanuts.

We took Mimi and Poppy alligator hunting at a Florida State Park. We had seen a few alligators at this park at a previous stop and were hoping for some more... but were unsuccessful.

We stayed right on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. This was the view from our balcony.

Ate and played in Pier Park in PCB. Another one of our favorite places we will miss.
Londyn said goodbye to her good friend and neighbor, Aidan! We miss the Bowyers tons already... along with all of our other great flight school friends.

We stayed on the 45th floor in the Westin in downtown Atlanta, GA. Such a nice room and a wonderful way to spend our last weekend together before we would be separated for a month. This was the view we had while laying in our bed.

Daddy and Londyn just relaxing.
We were able to go to the Atlanta Temple Re-open House! It is a beautiful and very small temple. We may have been the only people in pants and shorts. Oops!

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  1. Lex you are one beautiful mom, you look so great! I love the picts and can't wait to see more of your new life in Germany. Remember when we lived together?- and then both moved to the dirty South, yea that was awesome... Never liked boiled peanuts but love the vibe in the waffle houses, can't imagine what they are like in Bama'... Roll tide. Love you!