Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flight School Graduation

On April 7th (a little late, I know) Sam officially graduated from flight school! It was a really special occasion. After a couple years of hard, stressful work Sam made it through. He got his wings, and I even got mine! (A beautiful white gold necklace, that I LOVE!) Here are a few pics of the event.

Here is Sam with his huge stack of books that he needed for his advanced helicopter course. He needed more books than any other helicopter course at Fort Rucker. (He had a bunch more books for his other courses too.)

Londyn all dressed up for the occasion

We were stoked to have some visitors... here is Sam's Mom, Elma!
My Mom, Dad, Grant and Morgan

...and Sam's Dad, John!

Sam's Dad pinning his wings.

After his name was called
The stage and setup for graduation. They held it in a museum on the Army post, then they had a banquet after with everyone.
Sam's tiny graduating class of five, and only the 4th class to ever graduate flying this new model. He is one of the very few pilots who can fly his helicopter. I am so proud of how hard he worked. He memorizes things so well. I was shocked over and over at how much information he was learning. He did it all while still being a supportive and patient husband and father. And he even kept his cool while we gave birth to Londyn during his most stressful part of flight school. You never would have guessed he was stressed out because he is so sweet and keeps such a good balance in his life. I am soo lucky to have him!

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