Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The last weekend in March we went here. We had a lot of fun! But it turns out that Walt Disney World is not the happiest place on earth. We went to Disney's Magic Kingdom and it took us an hour and a half just to get in the park. We ended up going on one ride and then leaving!! But, I will say, Epcot was amazing. We loved Disney World but it was just a busy place, and with a 7 month old it was a little hard cause the little rascal needs a few naps per day just to function.
This is how Londyn feels about Disney's Hollywood studios
Londyn and I were star struck when we met some of our favorite Disney characters.

The Shamu Show!

The Dolphin Show!

Sam and Londyn at the Dolphin Show!

Sea World on the other hand just may be the happiest place on earth! We loved it!

This is how Londyn felt about Magic Kingdom

I love my little angel

Happy little family at the place where ALL your dreams come true!
It really doesn't matter where we are. If me, Sam and Londyn are together, it is seriously perfect!