Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He's a Hooker

Sam is DONE with flight school! He finished classes and is now just getting ready to move to Germany. He has a to-do list a mile long, but he is getting everything set. He graduates on April 7th... and we cannot wait for that day. After a year and a half of school, tests, stress, etc. he is so stoked.

So, he flies the sickest helicopter ever and the pilots of these crazy big things are affectionately known as "Hookers." This is because they hook up sling loads and can carry all sorts of things.

They are BIG! They can carry up to 50,ooo lbs!

Sam is in the pilot seat of that one.. they are about to take off.

One day I snuck out to the flight line so I could watch Sam fly. Here they are taking off!

Sam is flying the right of the two chinooks. I LOVE watching him fly.

They can fly up to 170 Knots... That's 200 miles per hour!

Needless to say sam LOVES his job!! And I am so PROUD of him!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bacon and a Florida Beach!

Bacon is my FAVORITE. I love a good double thick piece of bacon... or maybe 8. The other day I bought a three pound package of AMAZING tasting bacon. Do you know how many calories are in a piece of bacon? Well, it's 80. And I just ate EIGHT. I might have undone what I did on my 4 mile run this morning (that doesn't happen very often.. the 4 mile run that is) but I feel great and Londyn's milk will be extra fatty.

Londyn is a Daddy's girl. These two photos are her looking up at Sam who was on the stairs above us. She wouldn't eat, just kept looking up at him.

Londyn has been saying Da da da da da da a lot lately. And no one is going to believe me but I think she may actually know now what that means. Just yesterday my cell phone rang... sam, of course, and I was talking away as I sat right next to Londyn on the floor. And she looked up at me and sad "Da da." This time only two da das. I am usually the one to get Londyn out of her bed in the mornings and Sam went and got her this morning and the first thing she said was, "Da da!" She NEVER says that to me. I read up on baby's milestones and they aren't supposed to really know what they're saying until around 12 months. So, I am probably just a crazy first time mother.

Sam has also taught Londyn Eskimo kisses. Whenever he asks her for eskimo kisses she will stop doing what she was doing and lean her head forward into sams face. It is the most adorable thing ever!
After a week or so I finally captured Londyn's two little teeth on the camera. YAY! A few days ago she bit her tongue and made it bleed.. and didn't cry! Tough little cookie.
Love this girl. She is getting much too big for her little tub.

A couple of photos of L that I captured with my new Rebel. UGh.. love that camera. These are the kind of pictures I get... no edits or anything.

These photos are from one of our beach trips to Panama City, Beach, FL. Londyn was not quite 6 months in this photo. I can't believe it's already been over a month and she is even bigger. She is 7 months today!

Sam has done it AGAIN! MOST AMAZING HUSBAND EVER!!!! He surprised us with tickets to Disney World. So tonight we are going to leave for Orlando and do Disney World Fri, Sat and Sun. We will also break it up for half a day or so and do sea world. I have been acting like I'm hyped up on caffeine ever since he told me. I haven't had a drop of caffeine today, just ice cream and bacon. whatever.

4 days ago, Londyn had her first bowl of Cream of Wheat. She loved it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Why not Blog?

My little sister asked me, "Do you have a blog?" And I thought... barely. World's worst blogger right here! I figure her having something recent to read when she comes on is reason enough to update! Here are a few things that are going on in our house.

Right this very day.. a couple of hours ago. We ran out of our first and only box of trash bags we have ever used in our ENTIRE marriage. That is approximately 545 days on ONE box of trash bags. Can you tell I feel proud?
(We can thank photo booth for this backwards pic!)

Londyn has two teeth and is almost 7 months old! She is very independent. For example, she often times will not drink her bottle if I am holding her. As soon as I lay her next to me, or she is in her crib she will start drinking. She drinks out of a sippy cup. She bites REALLY hard. She started biting me and after four days in a row, with each day getting worse, I stopped nursing her. She still only drinks my milk, but it just requires a lot more effort!

She can turn pages in the books when we read, and she will even hold a book in front of her face and very softly "talk." It is like she is trying to read the book. I love it! She also likes to "help" feed herself, which makes feeding her a hundred times more FUN! She will grab the spoon and bring it towards her mouth but the food will usually fly somewhere far from it.

Sam has his last check ride next tuesday. Check Rides are his flying tests along with oral knowledge. He is then unofficially finished with flight school, until April 7th when he graduates. Crazy. On April 17th I fly to Utah and he flies to Germany. From there they say it takes about 12 to 90 days for families (me and Londyn) to get out there. Housing is hard to find. We are thinking it will be about a month and a half until we get to join him. We also had to sell his truck because the Army will only move one of our cars. Sam was sad to see it go, but it will make the move way easier and cheaper.

Today I got hit by a biker on my run. hahaha! She was probably 14 and she actually almost hit me yesterday too but apparently I just got lucky cause it was bound to happen. I have a HUGE bruise and a few chunks of skin taken out of my leg (the metal on those bikes is pretty rough), but at least I was able to block Londyn who was in the stroller.

I work for my dad, I am still in my Graphic Design program and I am a mom, wife, house cleaner, etc. (You all know how it goes.) I am SOOOoo incredibly busy. My plate is full... mostly because we are now in the middle of an international move (our first set of movers came yesterday and took 600 LBS of our stuff!!) and I am trying to finish all my classes by June 11th to avoid a fee... of course I am behind because pregnancy and having a baby sort of got the best of me.
a couple of weekends ago in Pensacola, FL (Home of the Blue Angels!!)

I got the new canon rebel for my birthday (which still hasn't happened). But thank goodness for an amazing husband. LOVE my new camera. Recently I bought four baby Easter chicks so I could get some good pics of Londyn and some older kids who could actually hold them.... and, well, it didn't turn out so great. One chick died and the rest weren't looking so hot so we took them to the chicken farm down the road. Sam actually gave me my birthday present early JUST so I would take the pics of the chicks and get them out of the garage. They are loud little buggers.

I think that is all for now. I will start posting more.. especially when we officially become Germans! :) Yipee! (Two days ago, I found out there is an indoor water park right where we will be living that is open year round. I don't think it gets much better than that!!)
These photos are kind of old.. we took these a couple months ago. But I tried to put something up that wasn't on facebook.