Wednesday, July 14, 2010

48 days to go..

33 1/2 weeks pregnant and one second I want her to come out ASAP.. then the next I want her to stay in my belly forever. I am one confused mother-to-be. The crib and changing table are set up, her clothes are washed, diapers and wipes are purchased in bulk, and there are only a few items left on the list to buy. (I have even started packing the hospital bag.)

I try to avoid the camera as much as possible and the weeks fly by so quickly that I forget to take weekly shots... but I have these from the last couple of months. I am behind and haven't taken one since 31 weeks.

26 weeks
30 weeks
31 weeks


  1. ah! get that belly back here!!

  2. you are so cute! can't wait to see pics of that little baby:) you are seriously going to be such a good little mommy.

  3. I love your little belly! You look great! Soon you will be holding your baby in your arms! It is the best and i'm excited for you!

  4. you could not be cuter. love you.