Monday, July 26, 2010

a few highlights from the past week or so...

1. I ate a meal that amounted to, I’m estimating, over 1000 calories (a big thanks to Outback’s bloomin onion).. followed by frozen yogurt covered in rainbow sprinkles.

2. One day I broke our nicest (and now that I think about it.. only) glass pouring pitcher, soaked my phone and turned all the "water damage dots" red, and burned my foot leaving two large (okay they were actually kind of small) blisters to prove it. I did this all at once in an impressive 5 seconds or less.

3. I always line the toilet seat with toilet paper.. always. The other day while I was at work, and visiting the toilet quite frequently, I pulled down my pants to go and realized there was a piece of toilet paper a good foot long down my pants.. yep.. right down the leg of my pants.

35 weeks and 1 day :)

35 weeks
Here's two pics in the same dress showing 27 days of growth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this guy... I am the luckiest girl in the world. Sam is amazing, handsome, sexy, talented, sweet, sensitive, good, the best cook, so much fun... and soo much more..
out at the flight line
he recently took up "tattoo-ery"
how cute is he? I had to cut myself right out of this pic. it was really that bad.
sam's new truck
He needs this so he can go muddin, drive through puddles, off road every sunday on our way home from church, and take me to the drive-in!
yep, he's adorable.
he's my soldier

48 days to go..

33 1/2 weeks pregnant and one second I want her to come out ASAP.. then the next I want her to stay in my belly forever. I am one confused mother-to-be. The crib and changing table are set up, her clothes are washed, diapers and wipes are purchased in bulk, and there are only a few items left on the list to buy. (I have even started packing the hospital bag.)

I try to avoid the camera as much as possible and the weeks fly by so quickly that I forget to take weekly shots... but I have these from the last couple of months. I am behind and haven't taken one since 31 weeks.

26 weeks
30 weeks
31 weeks


It's been a while.. I left my life here in alabama for a whole month.. and with that I left all responsibility to do anything.. including blog. I set foot in 7 states, saw lots of family and friends and MISSSED my husband like crazy! Here a few pics.. I didn't really take many...

I visited my grandparents and the rest of my Mom's family in Arizona.

Hawkes grandparents in Utah
Salt Lake Temple with my parents and some friends
Kneaders with Jonny
Alison and I.. two crazy pregos
visiting my Dad's development in Idaho with Morgan