Wednesday, February 10, 2010

small town. small life.

Life as I know it is.. well.. at best not exciting. I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything.. but, our lives are just mellow. We don't have a lot going on. As a matter of fact.. I am dying for a vacation. I need the beach, warmth, something other than this tiny town that has been sooo cold lately. Lucky for us we live two hours from the beach and I am already planning two trips. One is beach camping in Destin and the other is a trip to Orlando.. I will go alone if I have to. For now an update from a girl living in a teeny, tiny, southern town without a pressing schedule:
  • I made banana bread. We ate two loaves and the other two went to neighbors/friends.

  • I am learning to quilt. This quilt.. if I ever finish it will be going to the blanket drive.

  • I just finished The Hunger Games and I am now dying to read the 2nd and 3rd books.
  • I watched Pride and Prejudice with two friends a couple of nights ago. We were prepping for our reading of Zombies.. the book we are reading this month in our book club.
  • Last weekend we had dinner at a nice seafood restaurant for our friends birthday. I threw it all up.
  • We also had a fun super bowl party at some of Sam's buddies' house. They made BBQ pulled pork, we had all sorts of dips, chips, treats and it was a good time. Although, I must say the super bowl was not that entertaining this year. The game was great but the commercials and half time show were not impressive. Guess the economy's gotten s all down.
  • Our little one is now just over two inches long.. oh and when I was at friends house.. her golden retriever sprinted toward me and jumped right on my prego belly.. I had little mini cramps and was totally stressed out. I said like three prayers and everything is fine now :)
  • Yesterday, I started season three of Army Wives with a fellow Army Wife, Kelly! We watched four episodes. We had an array of treats. Quite embarrassing really. Rice krispy treats, muddy buddys, chocolate cupcakes, butterfingers, fruit snacks, M&Ms, chips ahoy... and more. It was bad, but so good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Weeks.. Yesterday

Every Tuesday is my week mark. So, yesterday I was officially 10 weeks. The lil baby is 1 1/2 inches long. A few little facts about my prune sized fetus... it's bones and cartilage are forming, the little arms (complete with elbows) can flex already and it's teeth are forming already!

This picture is at 9 weeks.

An update on the baby's daddy: Sam is busy and I already feel like I never see him. When he starts flying it will just get worse. Flight school students undergo a lot of stress, with little sleep. As he begins the flight training he will be getting up sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning.. memorizing manuals verbatim, doing projects and taking tests.. our neighbor just finished a map project that ended up taking him a total of 50 hours. Sam will probably start SERE (Survive, Escape, Evade and Resist) school on March 1st. He will be gone for three weeks with no phone and no contact with the outside world. They are taught to survive outside on the land alone.. they will find, kill and eat whatever they can (bunnies, snakes, bugs.. etc.). They will be chased and are expected to escape.. they will ALL get caught though and then are expected to use their skills to resist and eventually evade questioning as they would if the were prisoners of war. My only comfort is knowing they are taught some crazy skills and there will be a helicopter on standby to pick up anyone who gets really hurt or messed up out there.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Day Sledding in Utah

(Click for larger picture)
These Christmas posts are coming a little late. I wanted to learn how to make a picture collage for the blog and so I downloaded the latest Picasa software and made this lil collage of our Christmas Day activity.

Sledding on Christmas day was the best idea ever! We had so much fun and also burned some Christmas calories while running up and down the hills in our gear. We found our good ol' plain boogie boards were the fastest option we had... they blew the purchased sleds out of the water!

Jett got his own sled for Christmas and was sledding solo the whole time. He loved it! He would squeal and scream the whole way down the hill. I still can't believe how big he is.