Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Eve/Sam's Birthday in Utah!

Family pic after Sam opened his goodies

Sam in his new b-day Jacket. cute.


Sam and Jett. Love both of them.

December 24th was special this last year. Sam turned 27! We spent our 1st Christmas together and we were able to get time in with his family and mine. We were able to see the Nutcracker with my family in Salt Lake. Sam, me and my Dad fell asleep.. oops! We also went to his Mom's house in Sandy for the MOST wonderful feast. I was so excited about all the food there. Just about anything I have ever declared as my favorite food she had prepared. She had shrimp and cocktail sauce, homemade Gyoza, a platter of sushi (which I ate w/o knowing I was prego.. oops again), chips and the best salsa/avocado dip, meats and cheeses for sandwiches, huge platters of fruit and veggies... I am sure there was more.. but I can't remember everything cause there was so much! We opened presents and spent the evening with his family. Then we went back to my house and had a birthday party for Sam! He got lots of nice gifts and Jourdan even made him cold stone cupcakes for a special treat!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

taco bell? really??

Sometimes you just don't ask questions. When your body tells you that you need a 7-layer burrito from taco bell... a burrito you used to eat with your sister, Courtni, when you were little.. a burrito you haven't eaten in well over ten years... at a fast food restaurant that you haven't eaten at in years.. sometimes you just have to go with it. Don't ask.. just do it. And then sometimes you have to eat the entire thing.. no bites to spare with lots of mild sauce (which is the only thing you liked on the taco bell menu before today). When every morning you stand on the scale and the number you see is slightly smaller than the number you saw yesterday... which would normally be a good thing.. but not when you're trying to grow a little raspberry sized fetus inside you... yes I am pregnant!!! When that happens you sometimes have to go with the high calorie meal.. especially after weeks of barely even being able to stomach the thought of most foods. So, I google texted the nearest Taco Bell and drove straight there. And the whole drive there.. I wondered.. "Why is it that the thought of Taco Bell.. a place I normally won't go.. is making me happier than I have been in weeks?" I have so much to be extremely stoked about.. but nothing has made me this happy in the last few weeks. Something is wrong. But then I just told myself... you're pregnant.. you don't have to be normal. Pregnant women are not normal... anything but. And then, I am waiting in a line of cars that is easily 6 cars long.. and my feet are dancing on the floor, my fingers are tapping.. my head is bobbing and all I want to do is call everyone I know and tell them about the meal I am about to have. I am THAT happy to wait for my burrito. Normally I would NEVER wait in a fast food line.. not for fast food at least. OMG. But the whole wait.. I was soo excited to get my burrito that I was literally HAPPY to wait. I am not even happy to wait in a line for a purchase at Nordstrom.. or Space Mountain at Disneyland... but, today I will happily wait in a line for a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell...

Monday, January 25, 2010

a burn.. an itch...

To update the blog? I think all the time of subjects I want to blog about.. stories I have to tell and things I feel like talking about.. but usually I think.. do people reeeally want to hear about all this crap? Well, by now I don’t remember any of those wonderful blogging subjects anyways.. I just feel like writing a little something.
I am at work, sipping a Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut herbal tea. Yep, herbal! Mmmm.. with brown sugar and a shot of cream… I feel like I am at the cozy coffee shop down the road.

I often times apply my mascara.. (Maybelline, Great Lash.. pink and green bottle) without looking. I don’t like wasting a lot of time in front of the mirror (especially these days!!) and so I figure that If I am talented enough to do my mascara w/o looking then I should be able to do my mascara while driving. I am totally focused on the road.. I don’t pose a hazard to anyone else on the road (most the time).. so I’m justified. Well, today I think I lost track of myself and I may have been putting mascara on for about 5 consecutive minutes of my drive to work. Needless to say, by the time I got to work and checked myself out.. I had very large black spiders.. claw like things on my eyes.. After who knows how many coats of mascara, I had totally over done it. Guess the only hazard I am is one to my own good looks.

An update on us. Sam is finally beginning the whole "flight school process." He is two weeks into Junior Officer Professional development. He's had one test and has a second today and has been learning Combatives.. I couldn't be more proud of my little fighter. Together we attended a reception last week.. officially welcoming his flight school class into the program. We also attended (for you Army Wives fans and actually know what I am about to say) an FRG meeting. It's a Family Readiness Group where the wives, spouses and soldiers can get together to plan socials, events and keep each other updated. These groups come especially in handy when the Unit is deployed which thankfully won't be happening while they are attending flight school. I still sell combat boots, I eat a lot of potatoes these days, and I haven't been to the gym in two weeks! We're also the Sunbeam teachers (3 year olds) for our church. We get a kick out of our wild class. Yesterday... a little tiny, blonde girl who literally looks like a precious moment doll screamed, "TEACHER, I FOUND an ANT!!!" I told her to kill it and her and couple of others started attacking it with marker tips.. on the floor... oops! Ruined markers and a colored floor. Sam asked the class, "Who wants to help me pick up the crayons?!" This same little girl raised her hand, very enthusiastically and said, " I DON'T!!"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're in the Army

Me and my friend Cinthya
Friends and Family Day for her hubby

Sam is in the Army which means I am in the Army. We live amongst Army people and the activities we do often times have to do with the Army. Fort Rucker is home of Army Aviation and it is a cool place to be. A while back we were able to attend our friend's "Friends and Family Day." This is a big day for the flight school guys. They get to demonstrate the skills they have been learning and practicing like hovering, landing, flying, etc. Families have an opportunity to talk to their helicopter pilot in the flight tower. They learn on these lil choppers first before they get assigned their special helicopter (Chinook, Black Hawk, Apache, Kiowa, etc.).
Another exciting note.. Sam had Dunker Training yesterday and he passed. Dunker is a one day school where they are taught how to survive a helicopter crash in the water. They are put in a cock pit, dunked in a giant pool and turned upside down. They learn how to use special equipment and experience a simulated crash. All the training they do actually saves lives and I am stoked Sam is able to be doing this and doing it the right way. He will be prepared for the worst and he'll be strong. Army Strong.

Sam says, "dunker is aka HOST.. helicopter over water survival training. They strapped us into a cockpit and put black goggles on us so we couldn't see, dropped us in the water and flipped the helicopter upside down and we had to get out.. it was fun except for all the water going up my nose."

Mmm... Wings..

I have always been a sucker for Wings. Always. I am just lucky to live in Bama now, cause they're everywhere... including our house. We almost always have the Fridays wings from Wal Mart in our freezer. That's sort of embarrassing to admit. One day I came home from work and Sam was grilling burgers, had made homemade fries w/ fry sauce, an appetizer plate just like the restaurants complete w/ blue cheese, a salad and had cleaned and vacuumed house. Love him.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engagement Photos in Park City, UT

We just got a disc of a few engagement pictures.. These are sort of old news, but here they are anyways!

Elfing all the way to Utah

After the chaos we finally fit all the presents in our suitcases just like a perfect little puzzle.

This year we had two families to think about for Christmas. One is so simple and easy, but two, and especially one with 8 children is a lot to think about. We also flew so we had quite the time getting presents home to Utah. Our guest bedroom turned into our own mini Santa's workshop. We had two "I'm going to London for 3 weeks" sized suitcases packed with presents, no clothes or traveling necessities, just presents. We also had like 1o other presents shipped to my parents house in Bountiful. We felt like Santa's elves and loved every minute of it!!

I will also mention that the night before we flew home I created my very own elf outfit. I died my clothes green, cut a red dress and pearled it so I had an elf robe and I made the prettiest elf hat you ever did see. I traveled all day in it, surprised Alison and Erik in provo with a singing, Christmas gram and danced in the snow for my little nephew Jett.

P.S. The bed in the background of this pic is yours!! Can you believe it? It's so comfy and you will even have your very own bathroom. Come stay with us!

Merry Christmas to Us

I have so much to blog about... really.. too much to talk about and catch up on. But first things first. Merry Christmas to us. We bought a new Honda Accord a couple if weeks before Christmas. It is blue with gray leather interior, has satellite radio, heated seats and climate control with a 6 disc changer. It is soo spacious and comfy.. it has wonderful gas mileage and best of all it's a HONDA! (I decided a while back, while having car trouble with my Volkswagen, that I would neverrr, everr get anything besides a Honda or a Toyota again!