Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Month Photos

Londyn is growing like a weed. At her 8 weeks appointment she was 24 3/4 inches long (totally off the growth charts) and 9 lbs. 13 oz (25th percentile). Here are a few of her 2 month photos.

Here is Londyn with all the blankets that people made for her. She is loved!!

We had an opportunity to go to Utah and visit both our families. All 8 of the children in Sam's family were together for the first time in a while. We also had my whole family together as well!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Londyn's 1 month Photos

Londyn Skye 8.24.2010

I went to my regular scheduled doctors appointment and I was 4 cm dilated! My doctor, knowing I wanted to go as naturally as possible during labor said, "I've had a cancellation for an induction tomorrow, first thing in the morning! Do you want to come in and have her?" I was dying to get her out and told him I was tempted and would go home, talk to Sam and call him and let him know within a couple of hours. Well, needless to say we decided to go ahead and just have the baby in less than 24 hours. I started scrambling. I ran tons of errands, got groceries, cleaned house and even hung pictures on the wall. When I went to bed that night I was so wired I didn't even fall asleep til 2 or 3.

I was so nervous I couldn't believe it. I had had my bag packed for weeks.. Maybe even months. I woke up @ 5am and me and sam left the house. Only, Sam was leaving to fly helicopters and I was leaving to have a baby! My friend kelly took me to the hospital.. From there it went a little something like this:

6am: arrived at hospital, got set up, met my amazing nurses, got an IV (since I tested positive for strep B)

7am: hung out, snuck a granola bar and orange gatorade

7:30am: doc broke my water and checked me.. I was a 4 1/2-5, contractions started

8am: pee in a bed pan (no one told me that since I was required to have an antibiotic drip, I would not be allowed to get out of bed again!) I was stuck!! Continued to sneak food and drink.. I was already starving and totally parched

9am: contractions continued, increased but not regularly.. Most the time I could not tell if I was peeing or having water fall out of me.

10am: the husband finally showed up! I made a decision that if my contractions were not regular I would start pitocin at noon. (This was based solely on the fact that I needed to have the baby at a decent hour so Sam could sleep that night and still fly at 6am the next morning.)

12pm: pitocin, 5 minutes later, BAM!! Regular, painful contractions. With the first and second one I wanted an epidural right then. Sam was a good husband and reminded me that wasn't what I wanted... I threw up orange gatorade all over and had Sam quickly hide the bottle... but continued to sneak gatorade and vitamin water. (I had to have energy to push her out!)

Labor, contractions, about to faint, kept muttering I couldn't do it (which surprisingly helped me through it), I ended up asking to be checked because if I hadn't made significant progress I was possibly going to succumb to the epidural. I was a 9 so they grabbed the doc and...

3:18pm Londyn was born.

Great! I have a baby... AND an episiotomy and tear combined to add up to a 4th degree laceration.. The very WORST you can get. Over 30 minutes later the doc was finished stitching me up. The nurses were shocked at how many stitches he used. He was concerned about blood loss, but I lucked out and didn't need a blood transfusion.

He said we made the right decision because had she been any bigger we would've ended up with a C-section.

Londyn nursed for 90 minutes and this was even before she had a bath or anything. They put her directly on my chest! Just what I wanted! Best little girl in the world. Soo in love!

I couldn't walk on my own or I would fall over! I shook with shivers and chills all night and didn't sleep a wink. The next day we literally had visitors from 9am until 8:30pm and then the 2nd night I still had not slept. The nurses were worried so they made me put Londyn in the nursery for a couple hours. (I had no desire to ever put her in there.)

the night of Londyn's birth w/ our doc

Going home was a relief. I started sleeping better and enjoying our little, perfect, precious, amazing daugter!! I'm totally obsessed with her!

Nine months and ready to pop!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

a few highlights from the past week or so...

1. I ate a meal that amounted to, I’m estimating, over 1000 calories (a big thanks to Outback’s bloomin onion).. followed by frozen yogurt covered in rainbow sprinkles.

2. One day I broke our nicest (and now that I think about it.. only) glass pouring pitcher, soaked my phone and turned all the "water damage dots" red, and burned my foot leaving two large (okay they were actually kind of small) blisters to prove it. I did this all at once in an impressive 5 seconds or less.

3. I always line the toilet seat with toilet paper.. always. The other day while I was at work, and visiting the toilet quite frequently, I pulled down my pants to go and realized there was a piece of toilet paper a good foot long down my pants.. yep.. right down the leg of my pants.

35 weeks and 1 day :)

35 weeks
Here's two pics in the same dress showing 27 days of growth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this guy... I am the luckiest girl in the world. Sam is amazing, handsome, sexy, talented, sweet, sensitive, good, the best cook, so much fun... and soo much more..
out at the flight line
he recently took up "tattoo-ery"
how cute is he? I had to cut myself right out of this pic. it was really that bad.
sam's new truck
He needs this so he can go muddin, drive through puddles, off road every sunday on our way home from church, and take me to the drive-in!
yep, he's adorable.
he's my soldier

48 days to go..

33 1/2 weeks pregnant and one second I want her to come out ASAP.. then the next I want her to stay in my belly forever. I am one confused mother-to-be. The crib and changing table are set up, her clothes are washed, diapers and wipes are purchased in bulk, and there are only a few items left on the list to buy. (I have even started packing the hospital bag.)

I try to avoid the camera as much as possible and the weeks fly by so quickly that I forget to take weekly shots... but I have these from the last couple of months. I am behind and haven't taken one since 31 weeks.

26 weeks
30 weeks
31 weeks


It's been a while.. I left my life here in alabama for a whole month.. and with that I left all responsibility to do anything.. including blog. I set foot in 7 states, saw lots of family and friends and MISSSED my husband like crazy! Here a few pics.. I didn't really take many...

I visited my grandparents and the rest of my Mom's family in Arizona.

Hawkes grandparents in Utah
Salt Lake Temple with my parents and some friends
Kneaders with Jonny
Alison and I.. two crazy pregos
visiting my Dad's development in Idaho with Morgan

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pets or Plants??

I used to like pets… all pets.. and I would want to buy every type of pet on impulse. At least that is how the pet purchases always ended up.
For some reason, everything has changed.. I don’t want pets.. especially cats and dogs. Sam is allergic to cats and we are both anti-dog these days. I read an article on how great it is for kids to grow up with animals. They are smarter, more obedient, have fewer allergies, and have a healthier mental outlook on life (less depression and anxiety)… etc. etc. etc.
Ever since I read that article I have been feeling guilty.. like we have to get a pet for the kids to grow up with. We have thought most seriously about a mini horse.. a goat and a pig. We thought we could build a mini stall in the yard and feed the animal everyday and it wouldn’t be one of those “lifestyle” pets… that we have to take with us everywhere we go. We certainly wouldn’t keep it in the house… which means no accidents on the carpet.. less cleaning and paranoia for me. I’ve also thought that maybe those weren’t the most loving pets… and possibly our child wouldn’t have a strong bond with them... therefore, some of the positive outcomes for raising children with pets wouldn’t come to fruition. I thought that maybe a bird would be our next best thing.. caged but still bondable and small enough for the house. (Anyone who knows my pet history.. knows that I would let my birds wings grow out and let it fly all over the house. I feel so bad when they don't have real wings. Sam would start finding bird poops in his underwear drawer.. and that could be a real problem for everyone.)
I am not sure about this pet dilemma… Maybe I will figure it out before Londyn’s first birthday. The one thing I am sure of.. is plants are sooo much better than pets.
(I do know for a fact though, if I could afford A $5,000 mini pig... I would go buy it tomorrow!!)
I started growing herbs and they make me soo much happier than my pets ever did! I check them every day and I am more excited when they grow than I ever could’ve imagined. I also get really sad when they die.. or get bugs in them.. or don’t grow.
For now I will just grow my herbs and maybe my kids will be little gardners and learn the same life lessons from plants as the other children learn from their pets.
April 7th I planted cilantro, rosemary and basil
the basil and cilantro sprouted right away!
May 19th
I waited forrrever for the rosemary to sprout. You can see it looks like the tiny four-leaf clover. The other plants are doing much better! I can't wait to eat that basil. yummmy.