Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our very first Blog post!

So many people have asked us when we will start blogging... so I figure it's about time we get on it. We are happy and married.. yep married. Hard to believe, I know. We live in Alabama. It's a much slower paced and verrry different life here in the South. But we are happy and don't have anything to complain about. I am sitting here at work (I sell combat boots.. don't worry about it).. and my job here has provided me with ample time to read, talk on the phone, snack too much and now.. blog! I am snacking on some pretty weird stuff right now. One of the many reasons I have the best husband everrr... is sometimes he likes to pack me lunches when I come to work. Right now I am snacking on: crackers, peperoni and sliced cheese, just finished an apple.. and in my lunch sack I still have graham crackers and cream cheese frosting, fritos and a mix of spicy red sauce and sour cream to dip them in, a big bag of marshmallows and dry roasted peanuts AND a bag of beef jerky... he also heated some water in the kettle for me so I could bring some ginger snappy and lemon tea with me to work. Don't worry I don't eat everything he packs :)

1 comment:

  1. thank the HEAVENS for this blog. and thank the HEAVENS we have someone feeding you fritos and marshmallows. i want some boots!!!