Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Simple Shape Sorter - FREE PDF Download

It has been way too long since I have kept up with my blog! (I'm sure you haven't heard that story before!) My goal: to get more posts up!!!

Around Christmas time I was shopping for the kid's gifts and I really wanted each gift to be intentional. I really didn't want to buy just to buy. I bought a lot of educational gifts that would be well used in our home.

While shopping I ran across the cutest shape sorter set and I wanted to buy it... but because I tend to want to save money where I can, I decided I would make one instead! So, introducing my homemade shape sorter set that I want to share with you as a free download! It is simple and it shows our littles how everyday objects are regular old shapes. I think it is beneficial to help our children connect things they are learning from books, games and activities to the real world, if possible.

I hope you enjoy this set! CLICK HERE to download the shapes and HERE to download the shape sorting mats.
I laminated ours so they would last us a good long time! My very favorite laminating pouches and laminator are here (super affordable and I have had mine forever):


 My kids quickly began playing with all the pieces. They couldn't keep their hands off them! I had to print 6 more of these phones so each kid had one. Navy and Indi would walk around the house saying, "hello" over and over again with these fake phones.
We are obsessed with our play mat from Wander and Roam. We use it often and, in fact, just over the weekend we rolled it up and brought it over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Click here to check them out!


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