Friday, February 2, 2018

Navy and Indi's Newborn Photos/Family Photos by Nicole

Indi + Navy // 11 days old
Okay, are you ready for a serious overload?! I am not sure how I really could've picked just a few so I am basically sharing them all. Believe me when I say I do not love photoshoots right after I give birth... you can see our family photos that we took just 9 days after Harvey was born HERE. (He is our 3rd.) I remember really disliking the way I looked in them when I got them back. I'm always swollen and bloated and a little chunky. The chunk and the swell is a whole new level after this twin pregnancy. I'm older, they are my 5th and 6th kids and well simply put-- I had TWO babies inside me. But, I know what you are thinking... quit being so selfish and thinking so much about the way YOU look. I know, it's a little annoying and it is not important. For the record I love the photos we took after Harvey was born and I'm so glad we did them. On to the important stuff. I LOVE these pictures so much. I love each one of our six angel children and I still have a hard time believing we have twins. I mean seriously, look at them! Two sweet, tiny perfect babies that I grew inside of me. My friend Nicole has to be the most talented photographer of all the photographers. She picked the perfect spot and the lighting was so unbelievably gorgeous. The babies were born on Tuesday, July 11th, we moved into our new house on Friday the 14th and then on the 22nd we took these photos. Of course there was a lot of crazy in-between but we wouldn't have it any other way!

((View Nicole Barker Photography's Website Here!))

This photo of the kiddos is our most liked photo of all the photos we've posted on instagram in the last year! I kinda like it too! :)

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