Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trip is 5!

11/22/16 -- Trip is 5!

OMG! Every time I hop on here to blog, something I need isn't here! Trip's actual birthday photos from Chuckee Cheese are on Sam's phone cause my phone died that night. I took mostly video anyway because I am into video more than photos these days. I really need to make sure I do both. Putting video to music is so fun and it is what the kids really, really love! One day I might come back to this post and add to it. 

For now... our Trip Samuel turned 5! Where are the years going?! He is sweet, he's a peacemaker and he is very particular about a lot, a lot of things. With how easy going and sweet he is, you'd really never guess. He has always been so particular about what he wears and these days his biggest struggle is he will not use a toilet unless it flushes and it's "white." The white toilet only means that it can't be one of those dark silver toilet seats at parks or campsites that basically has a bottomless pit beneath it. He is terrified of those. He has never, ever gone in a port-a-potty. He is usually quite obedient and sweet yet surprisingly stubborn about certain things. I believe his stubbornness will serve him well someday! :) (Every parent's hope, right?!) I honestly don't think kids come better or easier than this little sweetheart.
We were lucky enough to celebrate Trip's birthday a few days before the actual day with some our favorites at Kneaders in Colorado Springs. We ordered a carrot cake and a pumpkin cake and we sang, ate and hung out. These kids never seem to get enough of each other and they are all so sweet. Trip loves this family tons... as do we. We left for Utah shortly after this and we celebrated his actual day in Utah with some family at freaking Chuckee Cheese. Worst. Place. Ever. Haha! But really, they were blasting music so loud, games, noises and bright colors every where. It was wayyy too much! But, I am pretty sure the kids had a blast and it was exactly what Trip wanted to do. We ordered a Costco cake because we wanted to keep things really simple. Almost the entire cake got tossed before we left the restaurant. :/ Apparently fake icing and fluffy cake is not our thing. We went on a hunt and found some really cute star wars figures for the top of his cake and he loved that. He got several sets of ninja turtle mega blocks from us and some other fun things from family. I always love celebrating our sweet children. Each birthday celebration is so different but one thing we try to focus on is spending time together and making the birthday kid feel super special... even if that means letting go of my hopes and dreams to have perfectly themed birthday parties.

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