Friday, November 4, 2016

Harvey is 2! Bode is Blessed!

10/8/16 -- Harvey turns 2 & Bode is blessed!

As usual these days things are just flying at me like.... I can't really keep up. I've got to pull it together! We celebrated our sweet Harvey turning two and blessed Bode on the same day... only, oh, like 8 months late. (I mean, ahhhh!) I found Bode's little blessing outfit at the thrift store cause I am cheap like that and we got Harvey a Baskin Robbins cookies and cream ice cream cake. A two year old really doesn't need anything else besides ice cream right?! Well ice cream and cars if your name is Harvey Scheid. He is triple obsessed with things on wheels. It is the most adorable thing ever. He will sit foreverrrr and line all his cars up in rows and then drive each one to a new spot and start all over again creating a new row. He really doesn't like to share and gets pretty stressed out about letting go of his special things, but after a while he warms up to the idea and does okay. We love our Harvey and our baby Bo more than I can express. Luckiest family ever.

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